Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Schoolhouse Sampler: A Daily Embroidery Practice

Before we get too far along in January, I wanted to mark the beginning of my latest embroidery project, the Schoolhouse Sampler from Dropcloth Samplers. For the first time, I've joined a stitch-along with creator Rebecca Ringquist. With a new video on creativebug every day this month, I'm bound to learn a thing or two.

Since I'm also stitching on my final chickenscratch embroidery block, I'm trying to do a little of each new stitch on the Schoolhouse Sampler each night before I dive back into the chickenscratch. Once I'm done with that block, I'll be able to concentrate fully on the new sampler. 

Already I've learned that Rebecca often stitches with a double-thickness of perle cotten! On all the samplers I've done so far, I've stitched with a single-thickness, so I'm trying the double, and so far I like it! Can you see the difference between the running stitch (single) and the back stitch (double) above? Anyway, I'm enjoying hand-stitching by night, while machine-quilting by day.... well at least for an hour or so after work. Feels like a good start to my year!


  1. Yes, the double thickness looks great. And embroidery is habit forming.

  2. Oh wow, the double thickness is definitely noticeable!

  3. interesting! I've never doubled it either. looks great!