Monday, January 3, 2022

Abstract Piecing Scrap Play

So the other day, I saw a post on Instagram about Sherri Lynn Wood's Abstract Piecing Scrap Play workshop, the first session in a series of workshops with a variety of guest speakers throughout the year. I went ahead and signed up, not knowing what my weekend schedule would look like, but just in case it worked out. And it did, thanks to my friend, Louise/@imfeelincrafty, who pointed out I was planning on the wrong time zone. Oops.

Anyway, there was an introduction of the series' speakers and some good conversation about abstract piecing, using value to your advantage, and creating order out of scraps. In retrospect, I maybe wasn't clear enough about my own personal algorithm for my piece, but then again; Sherri Lynn commented that success could merely be 'just playing' with the fabric and design, so in that regard, my creation was a total success. The pure satisfaction of exploring color and rediscovering some scraps that had been buried for too long felt really, really good. When the session ended, my piece measured about 21" x 22", and I plan to revisit it another day.

One thing I really appreciated was Sherri Lynn encouraging us to share a surprise, discovery, satisfaction, or challenge in our work. During this particular session, mine was pretty simple - the satisfaction of play. But food for thought as I work through my scraps this year. I'm not that practiced at self-reflection, but it's worth focusing on, so I hope I can keep coming back to that.

I don't think I'll count this as the official start of my next 50(?) Days of Scraps, as I really need to focus on finishing my final 2021 quilt wip, but it was really fun and refreshing, and in rummaging through my scrap basket, I found several fabrics and groupings I'd like to build projects around. So that feels good and is incentive for getting that quilt done so I can get back to the scraps!


  1. Sounds and looks like a great bit of play and a good way to prepare for your upcoming scrap play. :)

  2. I also attended this workshop and it was a lot of fun sorting through my scraps and playing with some fabric. I was toying with the idea of finishing more UFOs this year, but this gave me an excuse to start another one! It will be a small one, but I want to play with it a little bit more before calling it done.

  3. Great adventure and good way to use the scraps!

  4. This looks like a fun and creative way to not only spark creativity but reduce your scrap bin ( a little at a time)

  5. Thanks for letting us know about this. I didn't catch it live but have been watching the video on and off this morning.

    1. oh great! What's your email, gigi, so I can reply directly to you...