Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Late Summer

At long last, my Summer Sampler 2021 quilt is done! It was one of my final work-in-progress quilts left over from last year, so it feels really good to have it finished. Begun back in May with the fabric pull, I kept up well with the weekly sewing of new blocks. By September, I had the large final center block pieced, and then all progress stopped. It took me until mid-December to get my blocks out again and consider sashing options and then get those cut. But before the year's end, I had a pieced quilt back and a finished top, and that felt like real progress!

So as I attempted to get started on quilting last week, there was an unfortunate development with my JUKI.... it cut the threads no matter where I placed my foot on the pedal to sew. Considering it, by now, had been a few years since it had been serviced pre-pandemic, I unplugged it and got out my back-up machine. And though I had originally planned on straight-line quilting this quilt, the temptation to use one of the fancy stitches my back-up machine offered proved too great. I ended up using the serpentine stitch, vertically about 1"-1.5" apart, just because I could. 

So now, finally, my Vintage Restyle sampler is bound and ready to be used! Measuring 68" square, it re-emphasized my dislike for sewing a sashing, but I do indeed like the look of it on this quilt, and am happy I was able to gather fabrics from stash that would work. 

The pieced back was also made from stash, more Carolyn Friedlander prints, mixed with solids. I'm not sure why, in the brief rain-break I had, that I forgot to take a photo of the quilted back, but at least you get an idea from this photo. Trust me, if looks even better quilted.

The binding is an unknown stash find that was used in the sashing as well. Rarely do I hand-stitch binding during the day, as I save it for evening couch-time, but I did last weekend. I was just so anxious to have my first finish of the year before the work week began again.

Anyway, I'm thrilled and relieved to have my first finish of 2021! And yeah, this final photo shows our weather-worn house and winter-empty planting beds, but I loved how the grass green and faint blue sky accented the palette of the quilt. It's the little things, right?


  1. I'm really happy for you to have finished this! In spite of a holiday delay, you've gotten a great start - finish! - to 2022. It will take me months for a finish, though I'm not in a hurry. Making fewer quilts is always the best-case scenario for me. Interesting that you dislike block sashing (as I do too), but recognize that it was the best treatment for this quilt. I like the look of your serpentine quilting. I've never done that on a quilt, nor have I done matchstick quilting. One of these days I will though! Celebrate your finish, and that great picture with your house. I love it!

  2. Congratulations, that is a beautiful finish! I like the medallion look, center framed by blocks.
    And your photo is perfect and brings out the blues and spring greens, colors of hope in the middle of winter.

  3. The sashing details add a lovely layer of detail to the quilt, and I really like how your fabric choices for it pull you in. I hope that your Juki's spa treatment gets it home in tip top shape and hooray for a finish to kick off the year. I know how good it feels good not to let these bigger projects linger!

  4. Congratulations! So fun to start the New Year on a high note! I hate washing too, but you are right, sometimes it is necessary to allow the blocks to settle in, and provide some breathing room. Lovely photo, and your quilt looks like it would be lovely to cuddle under.

  5. what a great first finish for the year! It's been a long time since I used my serpentine stitch for quilting.... forgot how much I love it.

  6. I think you picked awesome fabrics for the sashing. It stands back a lot more than other sashings but is still noticeable. But not in a screaming way ;) And the small pluses in the sashing are a lovely touch! Enjoy your finish! xo

  7. Really beautiful first finish of 2022. I love the sashing, but agree with you - they aren’t fun to sew on! I hope your Juki gets well soon. :-)