Tuesday, December 14, 2021

About Those WIPS

It was back in September that I listed out the six quilt works-in-progress that I had going on. Six was A LOT for me! But I've been steadily making progress, and thought I'd report back in about them, probably for the final time. I'll share the last couple, of course, again once they are complete.

1. Summer Sampler 2021 :: Finally, some progress!! I put my blocks back up on the design wall while I considered stash sashing options.

I settled on some choices, and actually have everything cut out to finish the top. Now to start in on piecing! I know I still have a ways to go, but a finish at least feels feasible now.

2. Bee Sewcial fine-line pieced blocks :: You've seen this one finished, and no, it didn't get accepted into QuiltCon like I'd hoped, but it's done, and ready to share another day.

3. House Top blocks :: Housetops is done, and happily it got washed up and was gifted. And I wondered aloud to my daughter recently that I could find no blue scraps in the scrap basket.... Hmm. I wonder why.

4. QuiltCon Artisan Cotton Fabric Challenge :: This one, Striped Much, is also done and was submitted to the challenge it was created for. Since it wasn't accepted into the show, it's ready to find a new home.

5. Bowtie blocks :: Progress here too! I need just a few more hand-pieced blocks for my chosen layout, and those are now prepped. I had to order more Kona Enchanted, which wasn't easy to find! But I have it now, and this one's on the docket for more piecing once my deadline hand-stitching is complete.

6. Seattle MQG Salsa Medallian BOM [aka my own Pantone challenge] :: Also complete, and I'm now looking forward to discovering what fabric is closest to the new Pantone COTY, Very Peri.

So, I feel pretty good about how my WIP list has played out. Of course, other quilts and projects have snuck in, which is fine. But I'll keep plugging along, and definitely will be glad when this list is no more.


  1. I think you've made really wonderful progress since September. Congratulations for having all the fabric cut and prepped to finish up the Summer Sampler (cutting always seems like the biggest hurdle to me) and I'm especially excited to see the bowtie blocks as you continue to work on them.

  2. great progress friend! and yay for one sparse (blue) scrap bin

  3. The block layout in your Summer Sampler is great!
    And progress is being made on other projects, wonderful.
    I like Enchanted Kona Cotton, a turquoise green, looks good with the other fabrics in your bow ties.

  4. Congratulations on whittling down that WIPS list! Kona Enchanted is a gorgeous colour and will look great with those bowties!

  5. Amazing progress! Four out of six already done - wohoo :) You will get to the rest too ;) xo