Friday, September 3, 2021

Current WIPs

It's not often that I have this many quilts on the WIP list, so honestly, I'm not super thrilled about it. But the fact remains there is significant work left to bring any of them to a finish, so I'm debating just how to go about that. Here's what I've got going and what I'm thinking about each one:

1. Summer Sampler 2021 :: You know all about this one, and though the finishing instructions will be released soon, I already know it's going on the back burner. I just feel more of an urgency about some of the others. But stay tuned, it'll be back!

2. Bee Sewcial fine-line pieced blocks :: In a perfect world, I'd dive right into this one, and I just may, though I know A LOT of puzzling and improv piecing will be in order. This one will definitely require the most from me.

3. House Top blocks :: This was a random scrappy project and I may try to squeeze in a few blocks amongst the other projects. But then again, I see this one as purely play, and though I have a pile of scraps set aside for it, we'll just have to see.

4. QuiltCon Artisan Cotton Fabric Challenge :: Yeah, this one is on a timeline, more than all the others, and I don't even have an idea yet! Though I MAY combine it with the upcoming Connected Stripes Challenge. In fact, the more I think about it, the better that sounds!

5. Bowtie blocks :: These blocks - all 100 of them - are hand-sewn, so I feel that the quilt top should be as well. The main problem currently, is my design wall is filled with those Bee Sewcial blocks, so until those come down, these can't really go up. So I'm kind of planning this as a fall evening handwork project, once I can settle on a layout.




6. Seattle MQG Salsa Medallian BOM [aka Pantone challenge] :: This one would be the simplest and quickest to finish, and I've currently got the fabrics out and making improv New York Beauty blocks, which fit with the July curves prompt. Next up are diamonds for August. The September prompt will be to assemble the top, which I'm actually doing as I go, so I might just continue on to quilting and get this one finished. Undoubtedly, it will all depend on my mood once the blocks are done.

SO.... I've got my work cut out for me, don't I? Of course, I feel like starting something new, but maybe #4 can fill that need. The main priority, for me, is that I work on one of these, so hopefully I'll have some progress to show soon! If this were YOUR list, what would you work on?


  1. I'd start with #4 because of the deadline. It's how I've prioritized my to do list. While I haven't got as many projects going right now, I do have a long "need to do by" list so I'm just trying to work through it one at a time. It will feel good when all the deadline stuff is done and I can get back to scratching some more "new" and creative itches!

  2. I like your House Top blocks! And your hand pieced Bowtie blocks are amazing.
    Great progress you're on a good roll.

  3. I'd do #4 also; it looks like the deadline for that is the end of October, so it's probably best to get moving on that. But you have to figure some things out, so you'll need to also pick another one with some easy sewing (no thinking needed!) while your head is churning with #4 decisions.

  4. I am sure I do NOT have advice, because instead of dwindeling down my todo list and actually working acording to priority or deadline I usually just do the opposite because my brain finds the least important project fun (kind of childish spite?). Or I start something new and exciting ... But good luck to you! Sending lots of decision energy your way ;) xo

  5. I agree - definitely start with #4. But keep playing with the House Top blocks while you’re planning it. Because I love those blocks and cannot wait to see them pieced into a quilt! 😊

  6. Ahh. Confession is good for the soul, isn't it? Ha, ha. Six WIPs (or nearly WIPs) isn't too many. I believe my list would be longer than yours, but I have set my priorities - the must-dos; the hopeful; and the I'll try-but-I-doubt-it-will-happen. Of course #4 is where you must begin. It's great that you have another challenge to tie it into. Serendipitous. Most of all I wish you motivation and lots of fun!

  7. I'm like you, I get overwhelmed when the list gets too long and that tends to freeze me! I do agree, #4 needs to be a priority and combining it with another challenge is a terrific idea. That said, I'd be so tempted to get to joining those Bee Sewcial blocks.... maybe it's selfish, I just can't wait to see them come together!

  8. Well the main thing here is that all of these projects are AWESOME and you are having a lot of fun piecing them. So, how much of the pressure is self-imposed? They will get done. YOU get things done for sure. So, just settle in and enjoy, right? Push the pressure away.

    1. Thanks Louisa! On #4, I made a commitment when I accepted fabric, so that one IS due by 10/31. Otherwise, you are official deadlines but my own...