Monday, September 20, 2021

Striped Much

Just for fun, I decided to combine the QuiltCon 2022 Artisan Cotton Fabric Challenge sponsored by Windham Fabrics with the Connected Stripes Challenge. Of course for fabric, I needed to use Windham Fabrics Artisan Cotton, a cross-dyed quilter-weight cotton that reads as a solid. According to the Artisan Cotton Fabric Challenge Rules, I needed to use at least 3 of the 4 challenge fabrics. 

Challenge Fabrics

  • 40171-68 Wine / Pink
  • 40171-47 Coral / Aqua
  • 40171-35 Aqua / Blue
  • 40171-12 Blue / Orchid

I opted to leave out the Orchid in making the front, but you'll see it on the back of my challenge quilt. We could add specific Windham Artisan Cotton neutrals, and I chose three.

Neutral Fabrics

  • 40171-1 Charcoal / White
  • 40171-55 Taupe / Light Grey
  • 40171-27 Black / Copper

I was able to find a good selection of these fabrics at Crimson Tate, which was great, as I already knew them to have good, quick service.

For the Connected Stripes Challenge, I basically just needed to make something with stripes, post progress on Instagram, and have it completed by October 3. Perfect! To start, I made a big ole striped slab. And then I made another.

I had in mind to create something reminiscent of Loosely Connected, but on a larger scale. The nested striped triangles went well enough, though what you see below - the finished top before quilting - is not quite what the finished quilt looks like. But those side gray edges at least gave me a close enough view of the end result to start in on quilting.

For the back, I used the largest leftover pieces of Artisan Cotton, plus 'scraps' from my first go at 'borders' for the front. Yeah, I was going for too similar a look to Loosely Connected, and it ended up the scale just wasnt right. So onto the back they went.

For quilting, I used Aurifil 50wt 2605 [medium gray] and 1125 [medium teal], echo-stitching inside of each triangle. On the gray edges, I marked triangles with my Hera marker, then echo-stitched inside of them too.

Once quilted and I went to square it up, the gray sides just didn't want to square up evenly. So the right one decided to be a triangle, which fit in, especially since I had quilted it as one. The more I look at it, the more I like the unexpected proportions. 

The binding had to be in an Artisan Cotton Challenge fabric or neutral listed above, and I chose Charcoal/White, with just a few inches of Aqua/Blue for some matched binding on the blue triangle. The quilt measures 23.5" x 32.5" and was a fun little foray, using a palette that I may not have otherwise chosen. But love the crisp finish of those Artisan Cottons, and how nicely they quilt up.


  1. Very intriguing! At first glance, it looks like a one-way stripe quilt folded in on itself. Love it.

    1. I hadn't seen that until you mentioned it, Kara! So glad you like it!

  2. I didn't see the folded quilt thing either until I read Kara's comment. What I saw was legs - lots of legs - wearing striped ribbed tights or stockings. While my mind doesn't go in this direction for my own projects, I really like what you did!

  3. That is an amazing art quilt! I like how it's similar to Loosely Connected, different colors and size of course but like a series kind of thing. The back is super and those colors are some of my favorite.

  4. This quilt has such a 3D feel to it. The triangles seem to fold in toward the middle and overlap in such interesting ways. Excellent execution!

  5. I really love the dark brown (Black / Copper?) framing the pieced stripe triangles. I think your quilting enhances the design and helps define the shapes and add a different kind of movement to the composition. Hooray for two birds with one quilt! :)

  6. all of a sudden I'm seeing a shirt I wore in the 70s, haha you know the ridged striped knit fabric? I'm pretty sure I had one in these colors. I love this quilt

  7. I’ll echo Yvonne’s comment about the copper pieces! It looks amazing and I love the colours. And that back!!