Wednesday, September 29, 2021

WIP Update

So almost a month ago, I posted about my then-current WIP list of six quilts. I've definitely make some good progress, and hope you don't mind my reporting in. 

1. Summer Sampler 2021 :: Haven't touched this one, but will need to settle on sashing fabrics and get them ordered. Since I'm choosing to (sorta) restrict my fabric purchases, I'll do that when the time comes.

2. Bee Sewcial fine-line pieced blocks :: One morning I woke up with a vision, and have found that the puzzling hasn't been that bad. There's been both some 'sashing' and block piecing necessary, but overall I'm feeling really good about this one. A ways to go, but I'm steadily working on it!

3. House Top blocks :: This one has been hard to resist. When I haven't had much time or focus, these blocks have been perfect. As the scrap sizes have been whittled down, I've pulled from stash just a bit - grabbing from the small (less than fat-quarter) pieces I keep there. In doing so, the palette has lightened up a little, which I think will work out fine in the long run. So I'm shooting for 72 blocks and I've got 60 made! Here's the latest 25.

4. QuiltCon Artisan Cotton Fabric Challenge :: Oh yeah. Big success here. Striped Much is my challenge entry and also fit for the Connected Stripes Challenge. This one was a joy to create once I buckled down and got to it.

And then I got a bonus, choosing to deal with the scraps in the moment rather than tossing them in the scrap basket. Sequel was the happy result, and felt like a little respite from all things stressful. Scraps, improv, dense grid quilting, matched binding - I let this one encompass much of what I love about quilting.

5. Bowtie blocks :: These blocks are still safely set aside until the design wall is clear, so I can figure out a layout. Looking forward to more hand-piecing in my future, and seeing if 100 blocks will do or if I need to make more.

6. Seattle MQG Salsa Medallian BOM [aka my own Pantone challenge] :: I said this one would be the simplest and quickest to finish, so I did just that. Some Like It Medium was just what I needed to get me working through my list.

So two WIPs down, a bonus project, and two with major progress. I better get back to it!


  1. You've made great progress on your list (with a bonus and all)! The Bee Sewcial fine-line assembly progress looks great.

  2. lots of blue going on! great progress this month.

  3. Love all of them. You sure have been busy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lots of fun progress on beautiful quilts

  5. You've done admirably, just as I expected. I especially like your Bee Sewcial fine-line blocks. The composition looks so dramatic, like a night sky in a downtown business district. The center hexagon is in the perfect spot. I'm happy for you to have a finish for the Artisan Challenge. I'm slowly getting there. Hope to see several of your quilts at QuiltCon!

  6. You sure made lots of progress. My highlight is the pantone quilt. But seeing your "houses" again, reminds me to maybe pick a fun "weeknight inbetween project" myself ;) xo