Friday, December 10, 2021

Picnic Framed

It's been a few months since I finished my Dropcloth Picnic Sampler in the Picnic Stitch Along. Such a fun one! Sadly, though, it was just added to my growing stack of finished samplers.

But! Somewhere randomly on Insta, I learned about a frame, specially made for the Picnic Sampler. It was made by Kate of Modern Hoopla, and I thought it the perfect solution for 'finishing' my sampler. There were options, and I chose the "picnic green" version vs. the whitewash.

The frame measures approximately 9” wide and 9.5” tall, with a center opening 6.5” wide by 7” tall to fit the Picnic Sampler. It's made of 3/4” thick furniture grade birch plywood. Hubby to the rescue again, helping me staple the edges of the sampler to the edges of the mounting board that came included.

Little cardboard tabs were also enclosed to keep the stitchery-covered board wedged into place. All in all, it took just moments to bring this sampler to a beautiful finish. Now to decide where to hang it!


  1. Congratulations on a beautiful finish! The frame compliments your embroidery and protects it.
    You're keeping up with daily posts well, bravo!

  2. What a great frame for the sampler and such a smart idea that someone had to provide it as an option!