Thursday, December 16, 2021


Yeah, I couldn't resist. When I saw Rossie Hutchinson post about her laser-cut letters spelling out 'MERRY' (or 'HAPPY') I had to try them. Not sure I'd ever embroidered on wood before!

Where Rossie suggested using 6-strand embroidery floss for the embroidery, I had much more #8 perle cotton on hand, and opted to use that - double thickness. It worked like a charm, especially with the size 20 Bohin tapestry needle Rossie included with the letters. Suggested stitches and colors were included (online), though I did tweak the palette just a bit to use the colors I had.

It was some fun stitching, and I used them as a reward for other chores completed. Ha! They went pretty quick, and strung together on baker's twine, they look pretty darn cute!


  1. They look great, especially with your other garland. Fun!

  2. Well they do look pretty darn cute don't they! And your stitching and color choices are beautiful and festive. Thanks for sharing.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. very darned cute! wish I had seen these sooner.... hmmm thinking the happy could get lots of use throughout the year.

  4. Oh my. I've never seen anything like these! I'm sure this was a "merry" kit, but can you get whatever alphabet letters you want? Stitching through wood like this seems like it would have lots of possibilities for other items.