Monday, December 13, 2021

Mitered Mistletoe

Last week I shared my latest Dropcloth sampler, Mistletoe, and I actually made it into something that can be enjoyed this season!

I appreciated all your ideas of what I could make with the stitched sampler, but I confess I was feeling the pressure, and something relatively simple seemed ideal. I went looking in my stash closet, and not only did I find a pillow form I didn't remember having (serendity!), but the red and white striped fabrics called me name; and indeed, a pillow seemed doable.

I was debating whether to use the wider stripes - Michael Miller's Clown Stripe - or the skinny Riley Blake's Stripes and settled on both! I also used some Essex Silver for the outside border and the back of the pillow, which tied in with the silver threads 'dripping' from the banner on the pillow. Mitered corners seemed a special touch, especially on the corners where the different sizes met!

The pillow finished at 14" square, and is a cheerful addition to our Christmas decor in the living room. 


  1. Turning it into a pillow is perfect, and I love the use of both strips. And what beautifully matched mitered corners!

  2. Great embroidery! So colorful and cheerful message! A really nice seasonal design. Happy Holidays!

  3. I love that you used both sizes of stripes! such a great pillow. enjoy!

  4. I love all the dense stitching you are able to create on these drop cloth designs! The striped fabric on the cushion is just perfect too!

  5. This is the perfect finish for such a lovely stitched design. I like your finishing choices of stripes and Essex silver. I wouldn't have had any of the supplies on-hand that you used, so I admire that you stash such pieces, especially a pillow form!