Monday, December 6, 2021


After stitching up my Heart Ornaments, I was kind of still in the mood for some holiday stitching. I settled on the Mistletoe Sampler, a limited edition sampler from Dropcloth.

Isn't it cute? I even tried a new-to-me stitch - the double chain-stitch 'border' all around. I really like how that finished things off.

Now to decide what to do with it! It would be nice to make this one into something for the current season - ie. not just add it to the stack. The design is just under 8" square, and at first I was thinking about stretching it on a frame, though I'd definitely need to add a fabric border for there to be enough room. Another idea was a pillow. Any other ideas? Let me know if you think of something for me to consider!


  1. I'd consider putting it in an embroidery hoop and then decorating the embroidery hoop. I'm thinking painting the hoop and adding garland to it. At 8" it seems a bit big to turn into an ornament, but it could be an indoor "wreath" with a message?? Regardless, it's going to be really cute and fun to add to your decor whatever you decide.

  2. that's a cute one! I was going to suggest hooping it too.... looking forward to seeing what you do