Thursday, December 23, 2021

Mash-Up Cut-Up

So do you remember Mash-Up? It was a scrappy quilt I made last spring, measuring 18.5" x 23.5", and was the object of my most recent revisioning.

I had an idea and that idea involved my rotary cutter and ruler and cutting Mash-Up into 12 equally-sized rectangles.

The plan was simple, really. Bind the now mini-mini quilts, one for each of my co-workers, with an extra to keep for myself.

I crafted a postcard with a photo of the original quilt on one side, and a note to my co-workers on the other, telling a bit about what the project meant to me, and what they meant to me.

I even suggested a use for their little quilt, "Use it as a coaster, display it as an original piece of art, tuck it into a drawer to be discovered & pondered another day. I'd even be fine if you re-gifted or recycled it. It's all good. For now, consider it a reminder of the connection between each of the pieces; between each of us."

Yeah, I went with sentimental this year, and felt a little sappy for doing so. But whatever. Just trying to share some good vibes in the way I know how....


  1. Wow! Good use of resources.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh, that's something I would treasure if we were co-workers. Handmade and sentimental make the best kind of gifts in my opinion! And I'm glad you get a piece to hold on to as an additional connection to them as well.

  3. I love this idea and all the thoughts that went with it. Sappy or not-we all need those good vibes! Your co-workers are lucky indeed.

  4. I think it's a beautiful sentiment! I hope they all treasure their little quilts from you

  5. Not sappy! I think it could be a meaningful thing to do with a group of close friends of with family. Your are a genius! Happy holidays!

  6. What a sweet gift! I was a bit shocked about cutting up the quilt but I so love your story and the idea of it. And the postcard is a lovely extra. You can even go and search where your piece came from. xo Melanie