Thursday, December 2, 2021


What many of us in the quilting community call the best virtual quilt show of the year is underway! It's bittersweet, of course, because it's composed of our quilts that didn't get into QuiltCon. But seriously, so many amazing quilts in the #quiltconreject2022 show!

Though I was fortunate to have two quilts accepted this year, I have five that were not:

Striped Much - My entry into the 2022 Artisan Cotton Fabric Challenge.

Split Segments - A small scrap quilt made in 2020, this is a personal favorite from my early pandemic sewing. I actually submitted it for consideration in 2020 as well, and it wasn't accepted, so I won't be doing that again.

A Storm Story - A long-shot, I knew, but my first liturgical quilt, and I wanted to give it a chance to be seen, as it's really striking in person. It was also entered into the small quilt category.

Modular - Another personal favorite among my Bee Sewcial group quilts, Modular was completed in 2019, and this was its last chance to be shown at QuiltCon. The background didn't photograph too well, but in person, it's really sharp, and I'm super proud of it.

Lined - My most recent Bee Sewcial group quilt! Yeah, I would have enjoyed having this one exhibited too, but oh well. Glad I met my goal of having it finished in time to submit. That's something!

I've been perusing the #quiltconreject and #quiltconreject2022 hashtags and boy, oh boy, there are some beauts in there! It's a great reminder that we are in the company of many gifted and inspiring makers. I'm super thankful for that, and you spur me on to just keep making!


  1. I'm going to be really curious to see the group quilts that did get accepted (the group quilt I submitted was also not accepted - not a big deal, but many so many really lovely group quilts I've seen were not). I am glad to see that many of the posts this year seem to be a bit more positive in nature than in some years past. I also kind of wish we knew how many quilts were submitted year and accepted this year, something like over 2,000, right?

  2. it's going to be an amazing show, judging by the wonderful quilts that DIDN'T get in!

  3. Every one of your quilts is stunning, Debbie! I always - and will forever - enjoy seeing your makes. Of course, I thought "Lined" should have been accepted, but I know (as do you) that the jurors had way too many quilts to consider and accept. Thanks for sharing your unaccepted quilts. I can't wait to see yours that will be hanging at QuiltCon!