Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The 2021 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

Taking on one more thing seems a bit ridiculous during the holidays but when I saw that the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge hosted by Cheryl Sleboda was returning this year, I had to at least register my intent to join in. 31 days straight is a lot for sure, especially in December. But I enjoyed it so much last year, I'm going to at least try.

I'll tell ya right up front that although Cheryl posted a suggested list of prompts, I fully expect to wing it and do my own thing. That'll include sharing the projects I'm working on, some traditional December posts, etc. etc. So stay tuned, join in when you can and don't feel bad if you can't. And definitely, if there's anything specific you'd like me to share about, just let me know in the comments!


  1. I really love her challenge and focus on blogging. I look forward to following along!

  2. looking forward to reading along as always

  3. Well good for you! What an admirable challenge! I guess I don't follow blogs written by the same people you follow because I never hear about any challenges, including one like this. Have fun with it!