Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Field Bag

Oh this was fun! I needed a handmade guy gift and happened across the Field Bag. Designed as a project bag, the pattern was a collaboration between Grainline Studio and Fringe Supply Co., which closed shop in 2020. [more here]

The bag is unlined, but all the seams are either finished or hidden, so it's a really nice finish. Though canvas was the suggested fabric, I opted for an exterior of Robert Kaufman Waxer Canvas, with the interior pockets from Big Sur Canvas, also by Robert Kaufman. That pairing worked beautifully.

You can read about my experience with the Copyshop in printing the pattern. It was a great learning experience, though if I'd had the dimensions, I could easily have measured and cut the pattern pieces, as they were all rectangles. And considering I was using waxed canvas, I didn't mark like I might have on regular fabric; though I did test using pins and they worked just fine, so they were helpful in a couple of spots.

The pattern was great, but as a bonus, I was able to refer to a series of YouTube videos from the Field Bag Sew-Along earlier this year. I especially found Days 5 and 6 helpful, as the final bag construction came together. There are two particularly interesting and unique construction techniques used - for the casing, and for the gusset - and both added some fun ah ha moments.

I finished my bag off with 1" cotton webbing for the handle and 5/32" cotton braided cording, inserted with a bodkin, of course. And though the original bag has a helpful feature for knitters that involves grommets, I chose not to use them. That said, I know now how to simplify the pocket section just a bit for my non-knitter needs.

I made the bag for a young dad, as I could totally see it as a handy 'grab and go' bag, and he totally agreed. Gotta love folks who appreciate a handmade gift!


  1. I looks great and like the perfect grab and go kind of bag. It's definitely a feel good moment when people appreciate a handmade gift!

  2. Great finish and gift. I think making bags is like putting a puzzle together.

  3. what a great little bag and perfect gift for a new dad!

  4. Perfect! My son has two little ones and he has a 'dad bag' as he calls it. Mainly a backpack always filled with diapers, snacks and toys, etc. I am sure this will be very handy!!