Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Bee Sewcial Round-Up 2021

The improv bee, Bee Sewcial, is finishing up its 7th(!) year of improvisational creating, and I thought it would be fun to see my year's blocks all together.

I definitely overthought Ken's request for a piece that represented my 4 Ps (personality, principles, place, and priorities), and in fact, my first attempt at a block wasn't totally successful. But a little unpicking and revisioning took me to a place I was super happy with.

February: Little Gems for Stephanie/@spontaneousthreads
To create 45-2.5" square 'small studies,' my modus operandi was to make several blocks, then trim them to size and see what I could make with the trimmings. I came up with some of my favorite blocks that way.

April: Punchy Geometry for Marci/@marci_girl
Graphic, clean, simple. A little more structured than some prompts but decidedly improv.

May: Fine-Line Piecing for me!
Using very skinny contrasts between the pieces of the main fabrics, this prompt resulted in way more than I could have imagined.

And as you probably already know, here is the resultant quilt, Lined.

July: Circuit Boards for M-R/@quiltmatters
Circuit boards are something I know very little about, but that doesn't mean I didn't need to make some for M-R's prompt. It was an interesting challenge for sure.

August: Pickle-ish for Karen/@capitolaquilter
Not too far off from my own Rings last year, I expected these blocks to be a breeze. NOT. It was scale that made them surprisingly challenging, but boy am I pleased with the result. Karen has already posted a sneak peek of her finished quilt top, and I just adore it.

It's always interesting - and a little formidable - to take something so familiar, such as the Churn Dash block, and improvise with its components. Not to say it isn't fun!

November: Ice for Leanne/@shecanquilt
Inspired by ice, rather than a literal representation, this was a really enjoyable prompt. Uncharacteristically, we were allowed to add in a bit of metallic, and I happily did so.

Bee Sewcial prompts never cease to intrigue me, and seeing my beemates' responses to them is as interesting as responding to them myself. See the #beesewcial hashtag to see their work too, including some newly finished quilts and quilt tops.


  1. I'm definitely going to hop over to the hashtag to see how some of these blocks have been used!

  2. so much great inspiration here! and a great post reviewing them all

  3. So much movement and color- fun! My fav is the first August Pickle-ish

  4. I love to see all those creative bee prompts too and the round up was a great review. xo