Sunday, December 26, 2021

Kid Aprons

The first gifts I knew I wanted to make this season were new aprons for our grandgirls. Sisters, aged three and eleven, they both really enjoy working in the kitchen, with both of their parents, as well as at our house when they are visiting. I looked around at patterns and designs, and settled on the Modern Patchwork Apron by  on SuzyQuilts. For the smaller one, I cut it way down, taking overall measurements from an apron I'd made the eldest when she was just three herself.

All the prints came from my dwindling [original] Cotton + Steel stash, with that floral from Rashida Coleman Hale's Mochi influencing my other choices. Ties were made from a stash solid, and will cross on the back, slipping through those loops on the apron's side. I think that feature will be nice for helping the apron fit well as little one grows.

And then for our eldest granddaughter, I just used two prints - Ruby Star Society Speckled in navy paired with Figo Fabrics' Water in Ocean Blue from their Elements collection. Since she is nearly as tall as I, I left the length of the apron the same, while narrowing the 'bib' area as well as the overall width. Fingers crossed I guessed close enough.

This pattern was really enjoyable to sew, it was easily adjusted size-wise; and of course, the fabric combos are unlimited. I'd definitely consider using it again; though for now, I just hope the grandgirls enjoy wearing them as they have fun in the kitchen.


  1. what terrific gifts for the grand girls! so glad they share your love of the kitchen

  2. Oh, that floral from Rashida Coleman Hale's Mochi line was my absolute favorite print in that color. It's so fun to see it used here in an apron for your granddaughter. I hope they get a lot of use and enjoyment out of them.

  3. Would love to see kid aprons for boys. Barbeque theme or sports. It is hard for me to get my hubby to cover his clothes when barbequing. He is finally catching on. lol Let's encourage our sons to enjoy cooking.

    1. I'm all for encouraging our sons to cook! I definitely did mine. I have granddaughters, though, thus the 'girl' aprons. You could definitely make this same apron for a guy - just change up the fabric!