Monday, February 14, 2022

The Heart Block

A week ago, my friend Louise/@imfeelincrafty was texting me photos as she created her scrappy little heart blocks, and at some point, just sent me the pattern to try. I jumped right on it, pulling scraps and starting in on paper-piecing. It's such fun working on a little project like this, and when it's scrappy, even better!

I had actually printed the pattern one night and began piecing the next morning, and somehow in that span, I guess I forgot that not only was Louise's heart strip-pieced, but so was the background - duh! Which is why the background for my heart block is pieced with chunks of fabric, rather than strips. Still scraps but not quite the same. Not to say I don't like it!!

Once the block was done, it came to me it would be a fun potholder! So I layered with batt and insul-bright, and rummaged for a variety of threads.

I did some dense organic straight-line quilting (so fun!), cut it into a circle, and bound it in orange so it didn't seem toooo seasonal. Then I sent it right off to Louise to use and enjoy. Perfect, amiright?

Click here for Louise's free pattern, in case you'd like to make your own scrappy heart block


  1. That is a clever, cute design! I visited Louise @ I'm Feeling Crafty, lots of exciting projects there, thanks for the link!
    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. perfect indeed. I love the way you did your background.... I had fun making mine too (and today would have been the perfect day to blog a bout it, duh!)

  3. I think the not so strip-y background makes your heart pop even better. Fun potholder! xo

  4. Pretty perfect finish! Super fun!