Monday, February 28, 2022

Windows Aglow

"I’m asking my beemates to take a winter walk with me. Walks during winter evenings here are always in the dark. As we walk, we pass homes, apartments, condos and other buildings with their interior lights on. There’s a warm glow to the night. There are so many different window shapes out there that I thought we could have a little fun with this." Thus began M-R/@quiltmatters' prompt for Bee Sewcial this month.

Yeah, I'm kinda cutting it close on this month's blocks, but was happy to finally start pulling scraps for them. I had M-R's prompt on my mind when out driving over the weekend, and a unique window I saw inspired my first block. You can see the request was for 'scrappy, scrappy, scrappy,' and I was happy to oblige. But unfortunately, once the 11" x 16" block was done, I realized I had made the focal window oversized according to M-R's request, so I set the block aside and tried again.

For block two, I was thinking about those multi-use buildings where some lights are on at night, and others are off. This time I was able to keep the focal within the 4" requirement, and the finished block measured 11" x 12".

So back to the first block again to see what I could salvage. I unpicked a bit to remove the windows, then trimmed and re-pieced them to create something better-suited, size-wise. Then the fun of building out with a multitude of reds made all the recreating more than worth it. Now the block measured 11" x 15.5".

Other than my initial faux pas, I really enjoyed this prompt AND the palette. Now we get a month off, and then in April, I get to choose the prompt! Serious considering is underway!


  1. Thanks for sharing your process, I think your 'faux pax' was just part of the design process really. If you don't start somewhere how will you get there?
    Celebrate process!

  2. I'm so glad you were able to make the first block work, I really like that unique shape. It will be fun to see what you choose as a prompt in April!

  3. this is a fun one, good job salvaging that first block. are everyone's blocks in shades of red? Can't wait to see what your prompt is in April

  4. What a cool prompt! I always love how you take us on your improv journey. Looking forward to seeing what you pick in April :)