Thursday, May 26, 2022

2022 Aurifil Artisan

Well I've taken on a new title for the next year or so. Long a fan and nearly exclusive user of Aurifil thread, I'm happy to say I was selected as an Aurifil Artisan for 2022. Basically that means I will be joining a group of 39 other creators and sharing how we use Aurifil in our creative endeavors. There are quilters, pattern designers, fabric designers, bag-makers, long arm quilters, crafters, and tailors. I think that sounds inspiring to have such a varied maker group.

Part of becoming an Artisan is the initial Aurifil Artisan welcome package. Considering one of my main objectives in applying to become an Artisan was to be inspired to expand my knowledge and use of different weight threads, this package is definitely a good start at that!

Here's what my box contained:

  • 50wt cone #2024 [White]
  • Forty3 40wt cone #2360 [Chocolate]
  • 50wt large spools of #4225 [Eggplant], #2515 [Light Orchid], #2612 [Arctic Sky], #6010 [Toast]
  • 40wt large spools of #3920 [variegated Golden Glow], #1158 [Medium Grey], #2026 [Chalk]
  • 28wt large spools of #2395 [Pumpkin Spice], #5011 [Rope Beige]
  • 12wt large spools of #4129 [Turf Green], #2134 [Spun Gold]
  • spool monofilament
  • sample pack of 7 small spools, including floss, 12wt wool, and 80wt
  • color card
  • brochure about all the threads, what needles to use, suggested uses etc.

I hadn't realized previously that every Artisan gets a package with unique colors! Where everyone wouldn't have been thrilled to receive that spool of brown thread, I actually am! It's also a thread I've never used before [Forty3], so I'm anxious to check it out. I also received a couple of threads that might work with my future Very Peri project, a beautifully rich orance I love, and that 'Spun Gold' is one I'm anxious to find a use for. Let's just say it's an inspiring collection I look forward to working with.

Anyway, I'm anxious to see what's next as far as group challenges etc., and I'll be sharing what I use and learn along the way. Look for upcoming posts by the Artisans on Aurifil's Blog, Auribuzz, and watch for Artisan projects on Instagram @aurifilthread.


  1. I hope it's a fun year for you and I bet you'll find good use for all the new and varied thread weights. :)

  2. That's exciting and a new challenge to add to new projects. Your 'Very Peri' project with the Pumpkin Spice? Lots of fun coming soon!

  3. very cool! looking forward to seeing what you do with it

  4. Awesome opportunity for you--and a great way to continue to spark your creativity during this new "retirement" chapter of your life. Love the colors. Great inspiration--ahhhh! Have fun with your projects. XO Mick