Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bee Blocks and A Finish

Bee blocks for October and November are all on their way to their respective owners, so I thought I'd do them a little farewell post. 

In the Modern Blocks Bee, Susan/thehistoryquilter asked for this lovely Parisian Star, done up in osnaburg and voile. The texture of this quilt will be amazing. This star pattern by Leanne Cohen, goes together so quick, and as Susan confirms, is great in just about any fabric.
Parisian Star - October

Diamond Ripples, by Lara Finlayson, was requested by Toni/HoosierToni.
Diamond Ripples-November
Like many others in our bee, I was curious how a quilt's-worth of these blocks would look together! Leanne/shecanquilt put together a mosaic so we could all see. Isn't it really interesting and surprising? I can't wait to see Toni's quilt put together!
Diamond Ripples in a mosaic

On to the Always Bee Learning bee. In October, Marci/Marci Girl Designs had us make a Y-Seam Hexagon Block (Modern Baby Quilt) from the book "Fresh Quilts" by Malka Dubrawsky. This looked kind of difficult, but it was really fun to put together and made such a pretty block. This is another quilt I can't wait to see completed!
Modern Baby Quilt block

Thanks to Leanne/shecanquilt, we all got to dabble in improv this month. She asked for asterisks and plus blocks or any other symbol. I couldn't resist making a pound sign block, reminiscent of QWERTY. I really do enjoy these blocks. I bet another wonky cross or asterisk quilt is in my future.
Improv symbol blocks

FAITH Circle of do.Good Stitches took a break in October for a little reorg. Here's a mock-up of the quilt we made blocks for this month, designed by Debbie/Blue.Ridge.Girl:
Irish Chain & Ribbon Stars
I made this teal and gray Ribbon Star. The pattern is from Lee at Freshly Pieced, and she shares her easy to follow tutorial here.
Ribbon Star
And then we were all asked to make a Modified Irish Chain block as well.
Modified Irish Chain block

So I'm all caught up right now, and as a reward of sorts (or so it seems) - Kelsey of Kelsey Creates posted her completed FAITH Circle Ohio Star quilt today! Here are the blocks I made for the quilt . . .
Ohio Star for May FAITH circle
And here is the finished quilt!
Do. Good Stitches, FAITH, May 2012
It's always so fun to see one of the quilts I've contributed to come together! Guess that inspiration is part of what keeps all of us doing it!


  1. Parisian star sounds prettier than wonky star :-) Your blocks are beautiful and the first quilt will be lovely with the voile and I'm a new convert to asterisks having seen how they look when the top is made up.

  2. wow, Debbie, that's a lot of pretty amazing blocks! Way to go!!!!

  3. You are in the best bee! I love that Ohio star quilt, and the other blocks are going to make great quilts too. I can't wait to put together all the asterisks and symbols, thank you so much for those!

  4. Awesome!! I'm considering that one that you made for Toni, for my month in January. I'm hesitant though because I find HSTs kind of boring, but the effect of the blocks together is so AMAZING and I love that Leanne put that mock-up together. Makes you wondering how many other sort of boring blocks on their own would look amazing when in a layout.

  5. I especially love those diamond ripples -- lovely!

  6. Love all your blocks but especially the diamond rib les one.

  7. My favorit block is the parisian star! It´amazing to see what your´re working on - thanks for sharing :-)

  8. I really love the Diamond Ripple block - it looks fabulous in the mock up.

  9. Great post with all of the different Bee blocks you have worked on. Wonderful to see mine! It was such a treat to open up the envelope to see the block you made for me. :) The Ribbon Star block has really caught my eye for a possible future quilt for me.

  10. They all look so wonderful. I especial like the ribbon star and the mock up for it.

  11. I love these bee block round-up posts! All of your blocks look fabulous as usual. I opened my block from you this morning and I love it (and the Moo card). So excited to get that quilt together!

  12. Wow, that's quite the varied selection of blocks there! Although saying that, my set for this month are rather, err, diverse!