Tuesday, November 13, 2012

W.i.P. Wednesday

So it's W.i.P. Wednesday, and I've got two thoughts about today's post. One, that if you're a regular follower, you've seen most of this before, and two, seriously, how slow can one person piece three quilt tops? Pretty slow, as I've proven. That's just how life's been in the sewing room lately - slow and steady, with mostly little finishes. But these W.i.P. Wednesday posts seem to be my sewing journal of sorts, so I'll post it as it as. OK?

Finished projects
Hurricane Sandy Help! blocks - I managed to get 4 more blocks + 2 bindings done and shipped off to Jennifer, who already has a couple of quilt tops pieced!!
last 4 hurricane blocks

Bindings for 2 Hurricane Sandy quilts 

UR Priceless Blog Hop - It was fun making these little(3"!) frame purses with a variety of fabrics and techniques.

Ruby Star's Chinese Takeout Box - This little box was the first project in the Ruby Star Wrap-Along - an easy, quick, and practical project that I can see me repeating for a variety of occasions.

Cute Bot Skirt - This little toddler skirt was a birthday gift for grandgirl and was an easy foray back into the realm of making kid clothes. Very fun.
Basic 3 Tiered Skirt (size 2T) 

Lined Drawstring Bag - My go-to bag pattern by In Color Order came out again this week, which always makes a lovely finish. This one's "The Project Bag", made from Kate Spain's Good Fortune. The lining, which you can't really see, is a perfectly coordinating Free Spirit Designer Solids in Ice.
Lined Drawstring Bag

Ongoing projects
Mod Pop Quilt-along - So I'm piecing these two columns row by row, and then will add the edges. I'm in the home stretch, but taking my time.

Christmas lap quilt - This has been the view of the strips for the remaining blocks for the last week. I hope to get to them soon.

Modern Crosses quilt - Lots of strip piecing going on with this one. Once these strips are trimmed and pieced, I should have another dozen blocks done at least.

Upcoming projects
* October & November bee blocks
* scrappy Metrolink
* more frame purses
* Polaroid block projects
* placemats
* Binary quilt using blocks from Modern Blocks Bee
* Christmas!
* Dresden project - back on the 'sometime' list, and probably no time soon

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  1. I'm not sure how you can say you're "slow" when you completed so many projects!! :O I've been following the progress of your mod pop over on flickr, and it's just gorgeous. :)

  2. You call this slow! Do no sewing (like me!) is slow! You are incredible with what you get done!

  3. Still loving the Mod Pop. Your posts make me want to do it but I don't need to start another project until I actually finish something!

  4. Hey now, I have a quilt to make for Christmas that I cut the fabric for last July (that's 2011), and another that I have started and stopped and not cut any fabric for since last November, so I think I have you beat on the slow piecing thing ;o)

  5. I love your Mod Pop quilt! Adding that to my to-do list :)

  6. Lots of fun thing to look at. I really enjoyed the blog hop too! Mod pop is looking amazing!

  7. I agree definitely not slow!! I do adore that skirt :)

  8. Interesting how the modern crosses blocks come together. Not how I thought!

    Your projects all look great. Any progress is still progress!

  9. Mod Pop is coming along and looks great. those UR priceless coin purses should be on the cover of the pattern they are such cute fabrics. Scrappy Metrolink is on my to do list too.

  10. Slow, oh please, I'm years slow! HA! Everything is looking good!

  11. Ha! I'm wondering how slowly a person can quilt when they'd rather do a quick piecing job! You got a lot done, especially lots of little things. The big stuff will come in time.

  12. Your progress looks impressive from here! Your framed pouches are too cute.

  13. I think you are doing a great job at finishes. Better than me. I do have a question. Where can I get the pattern for your Mod Pod quilt? It looks awesome and I just finished the Groove quilt along and would like to do another modern quilt.

  14. All the better for seeing them again - lovely projects!

  15. I can't imagine those little purses being so tiny-they're adorable! Seems like things are getting accomplished, well done!

  16. 'Kay, the Mod Pop is totally going on my bucket list. LOVE yours!

  17. You're not slow... Just the opposite :) I often feel that I post so little progress I might not post at all. But thats quilting in its essence. It's not all supposed to be super fast. And honestly, quilting would loose some of its charm if it didn't take some time and effort.

  18. Fabulous projects Debbie - really want to make one of the little purses now!

  19. All your little things are so fabulous though! I especially love your coin purses and skirts. I have four girls aged four to eight who would adore something similar. I seem to be stuck on big projects though.

    Your mod pop is amazing. It's fun seeing your progress on it each week!

  20. You're an amazing woman, Debbie, the way you can turn all this out so quickly! I love your Mod Pop quilt, and those little purses are SO sweet!

  21. Love the curves in the Mod Pop Quilt-along. It looks like a drunkard's path block, but wider curve. very cool!