Friday, November 30, 2012

Ruby Star Wrapping :: Perfect Wine Wrap

While we were on a wine-tour vacation last summer, we picked up a bottle for friends, who we happened to meet  for dinner last night. So the Perfect Wine Wrap project came along at just the right time. I used Parson Gray's Curious Nature as the main fabric, trying to make the wrap a tad masculine. Where the suggestion in the book was to use a vintage tea towel as the lining, I used some Essex Linen. Though the original idea that this wrap could be re-purposed as a kitchen towel is very clever.
Seriously, this project was done and the bottle wrapped in about 30 minutes. The only change I'd make next time would be to do a better measurement for where I wanted the ribbon casing (which is only on one end, the right-hand one in this photo). In following the guideline of 2" from the top, I wasn't able to place the ties equally at the ends, which would have made me happier.

If you'd like to see another take on this project, Heather of Bolt Neighborhood had her own twist. I loved her idea, though it didn't work for my particular bottle. (I tried!)

Overall though, this was a nice quick way of wrapping up this simple gift.

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