Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday at the Table

While sorting through fabric on Sunday and putting my stash closet back in order, I was actually multi-tasking. I was also watching Food Network's Thanksgiving Live! Some of my favorite FN chefs were sharing their time-honored recipes and tips for a perfect Thanksgiving meal. Near the end of the show, I was quite entertained to see Alton Brown carve a turkey in 1 minute, 20 seconds. Yikes.

I didn't get the turkey-carving gene, but thankfully hubby did. Nor did I get the gravy gene, but mom has it big-time and many a Thanksgiving you'll find my kids by grandma's side, freshening up on all her tricks of the trade. I'm feeling pretty confident in their ability to carry on the tradition there.

Now I'm no Martha (see below what she does to pie!), but the baking of the pie is where my foodie heart is as I prep for Thanksgiving. Son-in-law will be baking his own from-scratch-pumpkin pie for our meal this year, but I'll be making the pecan, and there's something in that process that I just really enjoy.

A poll was taken on Thanksgiving Live! about what folks do with their leftovers. When given the choices of a casserole, soup, or a sandwich, the majority of Americans say they'd choose a sandwich. That's certainly true of our family - what about yours? I'm curious what dish IS Thanksgiving for you, or which one you always volunteer to contribute, or even the one are you scared silly to even try. 

Enough talking. I'll sign off and you can link up here. I know some of you are still baking donuts, and others are already knee-deep in celebratory food prep. Food, sewing project, or reflection - the invitation's open to share from your table.


  1. I usually make casseroles from leftover turkey or we just fix ourselves up a plate of leftovers and pop it in the microwave to reheat and turkey dinner all over again

  2. Now we don't do thanksgiving, but we do theoretically do turkey at Christmas, except that I loathe turkey with a passion, so we normally do beef or venison in some special way, and only buy enough to give us one full meal of leftovers ;o)

  3. Those pie shells look amazing! Must try that soon. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and yours : )

  4. pie crust is on my list today! as is sweet potato casserole! mmmmmm! wish i felt a little better, although, i won't be sampling as much as usual so that is a plus! :)

  5. I make my moms "Tooter Taters" , they are called that because..well, you fart after eating them...they are SO GOOD though!! And of course we make fresh pumpkin pie too...cooking down the pumpkins and all...I've never had it any other way...YUM!

  6. Look at those pies. Wow. That Martha...

    I try to do casseroles with leftovers. Not so big on the sandwiches, and I can't stand working with the turkey carcass so we usually skip the soup too!

  7. holy cow those pies look phenomenal. for me, a lot of leftovers just get eaten cold right out of the fridge. ha!

  8. That picture of pies is so lovely! Our Thanksgiving meal has been pretty much the same since I was a little girl. Every time we try something new, everyone says, "Nope, we liked it better the old way," so now we don't even fight it. My dad is a genius with the turkeys, my husband makes incredible sourdough and french bread from scratch, and mom and I split up the side dishes. My favorite is the stuffing -- we still use my great grandfather's recipe after all these years.

  9. I had hoped to link up, but it didn't happen...oh well. I'm making it all this year:
    Cranberry Sauce
    Cornbread Dressing
    Broccoli Casserole
    Carrot Souffle
    and a Cheesecake!
    I have a lot to do today! Happy Thanksgiving Debbie!