Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Redraw

I have not heard from one of the Triple-Zip Along winners in the allotted time, so I have consulted the random generator again and nissa_f, you are a winner. Nissa made this fun pouch with novelty fabric and an open-wide zipper!
Triple zip pouch

Please contact me by email at aquilterstable@gmail.com or by FlickrMail with your email and address by midnight 2/20/13 to claim your prize! If I have not heard from you by then, I will choose another random winner. Thanks!


  1. nissa_f got right back to me, so the Triple-Zip Along is a wrap! Thanks everyone!!

  2. Aww how adorable! My nephew loves the movie Cars, this is so cute! :) Congratulations Nissa!

  3. Thanks Debbie.. this maybe the first thing I've won!

    The sew along was great..thanks!