Monday, February 11, 2013

Zip Report


Fifty-five more pouches were made since last week's check-in post! You really need to take a look. There are some really fun pouches being made! 
1. 3ZAL pouch, 2. Triple zip pouch #2, 3. Triple Zip, 4. Triple-Zip Along, 5. My first triple zipper pouch, 6. Triple-zip along, 7. Triple-zip along, 8. Triple Zip, 9. Another Triple Zip Pouch

1. Triple Zip Pouch, 2. Another triple zip - much cleaner construction., 3. Triple Zip Pouch, 4. 3 zipper pouch, 5. valentinesy triple zip pouch, 6. P1012068, 7. Triple zip pouch ..................Fabric from Cindy and Sarah :)), 8. Triple Zip A Long pouch, 9. Triple Zip Pouch

1. Pretty Little Pouch Swap (back), 2. Triple zip pouch! Storing my safety pins., 3. Triple Zip Pouch, 4. Triple-Zip Along, 5. Noteworthy Triple Zip, 6. triplezipbag2, 7. Triple Zip pouch, 8. Triple Zip Pouch, 9. violin2

1. tripplepouch8, 2. tripplepouch8, 3. Pink valentine's day theme triple zip pouch, 4. Triple-Zip-Along; First Try, 5. Triple Zip Pouch, 6. 002, 7. Triple Zip-Along, 8. triple zip pouch2, 9. Triple-Zip Along pouch

1. Three Zip Pouch 001, 2. My first triple zip pouch!, 3. Triple Zip for my Husband!, 4. Sew Stitchy Triple Zip, 5. Triple Zip, 6. Triple Zip Along Pouch, 7. Triple Zip pouch #2, 8. Not available, 9. Triple Zip-Along

1. 3zippouch, 2. triple zip pouch, 3. Finished Triple Zip!!, 4. Triple zip along, 5. Larger Triple Zip, 6. The Inside, 7. Triple Zip Pouch, 8. DSCN6306, 9. 030, 10. My triple zip! Still had trouble with the top tabs.

Just a few more days to join in! The Triple-Zip Along lasts through Friday, February 15! Details are in the flickr group here. Don't miss out!


  1. Wow! You have been really busy! What beautiful pouches! You must have a fortune invested in zippers? May I ask where you buy your zippers?

  2. These are fab - what a great set of pouches!!

  3. Wow, that is a lot of pouches. I love seeing all the different fabric combinations.

  4. I have been checking in on Flickr to see everyones fab pouches and tomorrow is when I finally have time to make one for me - very excited!

  5. Nearly 400 zips now?! Wow! I should have bought shares in YKK ;o)

  6. Wow! They all look great! I'm pulling pieces today and hope to make mine tomorrow. It's so interesting to see all the different fabric combos.

  7. Wow - everyone is doing such a great job....I have finally chosen my fabric - now I am on my way to joining this wave :-)

  8. Each one is brilliant! I love all the different fabrics.

  9. This pattern is so cute - def. on my to do list when I get more zippers.. and more time! :)