Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday at the Table

So Friday nights are usually pretty low-key at our house. Often just a great chance to crash after a busy work week. But last Friday, we were out on the town, so to speak, in a very casual, quirky kind of way. My mom had just gotten home from nearly three months away, visiting my brother and his family. Hubby offered to introduce us to an experience he'd had a few weeks back, when I was off on my quilting retreat. So our adventure started here. As in here and there.

Yup, hubby took us to a food truck, which come to find out, was one of the first truckers in our area. We placed our order, walked a short ways and followed the sign.
Good thing the sign was big, as the entrance wasn't the most welcoming!
But the brew was worth the visit.
And that food truck food? Awesome! The salad was very good (goat cheese dressing!), but that short rib sandwich? Oh my gosh. One of the most delicious "bites" I've had so far this year.
Casual and quirky? Doesn't matter. We'll be back.

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Just a little note . . . the Tuesday at the Table linky is going to take a hiatus starting next week. Tuesday will still be a day to share about the Table though - feel free to leave a comment or even put a link to your foodie posts right in the comments. If you have feelings about the linky one way or another, I'd like to hear about it . . .


  1. Oh my goodness that looks delicious!! Gourmet street food is becoming huge in London and I can't wait to try it. Your hubby clearly knows the best places!

  2. Once again, I'm completely jealous of your "table" experience! A yummy lunch plus beer tasting sounds amazing. What a way to welcome your mom back!

  3. Love the look of the salad and burger! And my hubby would definitely love the beer too:)

  4. haha - that looks like a prison! :)

    I'm always hesitant to try new things but I think I should more often.

  5. My kind of food adventure. I love beer tasting!

  6. Och, who needs fancy table cloths when the food is delicious!