Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday at the Table

There's a book and a website by the same name - Dinner: A Love Story - and I enjoy them both. In a nutshell, they're all about the dinner table throughout the stages of family life, including both recipes and stories.

Recently there was this post called 100 Rules of Dinner. I found it very entertaining, in fact even thought-provoking, and in the end, I began a list of my own. Not comprehensive in any way, I'm sure, but here's my start for what it's worth.
  1. Making meal time pleasant and the table attractive shows you value it.
  2. Teaching kids how to set the table early on is a great way to include them.
  3. Home-made salad dressing is easy and worth it.
  4. Corn muffins with chili.
  5. Fresh grated Parmesan whenever possible. 
  6. It's a huge compliment to be asked for a recipe. Share yours.
  7. When son-in-law is coming, make garlic bread.
  8. Cake Balls are always a winner.
  9. Hand wash the good knives. 
  10. Sugar cookies at Christmas.
  11. Mimosas on Easter.
  12. Grilled veg is always a good idea. A little olive oil, a little kosher salt, and high heat.
  13. If you have a hubby who grills, plan a grilled meal often.
  14. Mom was right. Cleaning as you go helps big time.
  15. When guests come, even when they offer, clean up once they've gone home.
  16. Salted butter for serving with bread; unsalted for everything else.
  17. Serve as wide a variety as you can purchase and afford.
  18. Grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. 
  19. Bacon may be a guilty pleasure but it's one I'm willing to live with.
  20. Beer glasses should be stored in the freezer.
  21. Easiest dessert ever? Affogato.
  22. Welcome kids in the kitchen way before they can be truly helpful.
  23. Timetables are helpful when cooking for guests.
  24. The color of wine really doesn't matter as long as you like it.
  25. There's no such thing as too many rubber spatulas.
  26. Hummus needs garlic.
  27. Grandpa's Molasses Crinkles.
  28. Try new things.
  29. Fresh herbs when possible.
  30. Bake with love.
I'll keep working on my list. While I'm at it, I'd love to here what's on yours.


  1. 2nd attempt, saw this fabric at a quilt show this weekend, Somers NY. Loved it!
    Also saw Michael Millers new At the Shore collection. Hope to use in a project soon! I am also going to try your triple zip pouch, going to rain so plan on being indoors a couple days sewing!

  2. My mom always insisted on using cloth napkins, and it stuck with me. It's an easy to way to make random rushed Tuesday dinner a little nicer. It's the small things.

  3. We used to light candles at the table when the kids were small as they always loved to blow them out. I hadn't thought about that in years...thanks for the reminder. I'll be thinking about your post today!

  4. We only have one son (now 23) and when he was in elementary school, he never knew where we were eating dinner. Sometimes outside in the front yard so we could watch the neighbors, sometimes in the guest bedroom on the floor as a picnic, or at the kitchen table. I liked to mix it up. The only rule was no cell phones at the table.
    Now the age old question - are we born picky eaters or do we turn our kids into picky eaters? (Mine will eat almost anything.)

  5. I really like #13 and #14. My hubby was kind enough to cook some Spinach and Feta quiche as well as a batch of pumpkin scones on the weekend to use up some eggs and pumpkin that his workmate had given him. He even made extra scones for me to take along to the sew-in on Sunday.

  6. Butter always makes anything taste better.

  7. Great list! I think I love 30 the best! Although 13,15 and 19 are big at my house too. :)