Wednesday, May 22, 2013

W.i.P. Wednesday

Wow. It's been a week full of variety - the quickest project ever, a fun repeat, good progress on a languishing w.i.p., and the beginning of a new technique in a new quilt. Pretty much the best kind of week!

Completed projects
May bee blocks - Get the low-down on this month's blocks here. I still can't believe I made a {gorgeous} feather block!

Oilcloth pillows - A new fabric for me, and I'll share all about it in a future post.

Mouse Mat - I made another, and hope to have a tutorial coming soon!

Ongoing projects
Polaroid quilt with the help of the Always Bee Learning Bee - Oh my gosh, I'm loving what I'm seeing!

x and + blocks {#xplusalong} - I can hardly believe I'm saying this, but I got 16 blocks done this week! Only 4 left! *Edited to add: mistake duly noted - thanks Carla! I'll be fixing that!*

City Sampler Quilt Along - I've gotten 8 blocks cut out. They are small but still somewhat time consuming. And of course, half the time is spent choosing which fabrics! This is gonna take a while.

Improv Slice and Insert Quilt - Yeah, I took a little workshop with Jacquie and Katie. Had a ball. Ordering more solid for some sashing, but in the meantime will be making more blocks. Here's my first untrimmed block.

Upcoming projects
* pillows for Mom/pillow for grandgirl
* mail bag
* baby quilt
* mouse mat tutorial

There's no W.i.P. Wednesday linky today, but that doesn't mean there's not wips to share!


  1. Of course you made a gorgeous feather- I can't wait to see it! I really want to see your City Sampler blocks! You amaze me still with your productivity!

  2. I agree with Suz, you get so much done! I like your
    X and + blocks so I get a prize for mentioning the "mistake" block first?! Your fabrics are wonderful!

  3. Woohoo on the X+ progress! It does feel great to pick up a neglected project, doesn't it? and sewing with oilcloth, do tell. I just bought some bland, boring beige chairs that need something to spice them up!

  4. Thanks Carla! That's so funny! That was one I did late last night trying to get an 'even' number finished! ;-)

  5. Amazing work!! I love the improv block, very cool!

  6. I need to pick out my fabric for the City Sampler along! Good reminder. I posted for the first time in a while, and there is no linky. LOL Funny.

  7. Hi Debbie. I have been thinking of doing the Sampler along too. Did you get the book on-line! I like your x and +
    Always a favourite block

  8. Lovely. And can I just say, I sat here for the past 5 minutes looking for the mistake until I found it! haha

  9. great projects, loving all of them :D

  10. Fun stuff in the works! The mouse mat is adorable. Looking forward to your tutorial on it.

  11. Variety is the spice of life as they say!

  12. Thats for the heads up for the city sampler as I was about to embark on this project soon.

  13. Your pillow is beautiful and I love all of the X and + blocks together!

  14. The pillow is great - the colours are so vibrant! I look forward to seeing your City Sampler blocks. It is going to be a fun project.