Wednesday, May 8, 2013

W.i.P. Wednesday

It's been a few weeks since I've reported in on W.i.P. Wednesday, so I'll list the projects I've completed with links to their posts, and then share what's currently in the works.

Completed projects
"Common Affection", a completed Mid-Century Modern bee quilt.

Patchwork Pencil Pouch - I tried a darling pouch pattern by lbg studio and it was gifted here.

April bee blocks

Paper Boat Mini - This was a fun little project designed by teaginny designs.

Ongoing projects
Polaroid quilt with the help of the Always Bee Learning Bee 

x and + blocks {#xplusalong} - I'm now up to 60 blocks! Just 20 more to go!

Lucky Stars/SMQG star challenge quilt - I can't tell yet if this is all going to work or not. I'm using my first 5 Lucky Star blocks in a {creative} layout. I love the background fabrics I'm using, but it's been quite the frustration overall, so we'll see.

Woodland cross-stitch sampler - Slow but sure, I've making progress.

Upcoming projects
* To Boston With Love flag
* prepping blocks for City Sampler Quilt Along
* May bee blocks
* pillows for Mom/pillow for grandgirl
* mail bag
* scrappy triangle quilt

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  1. Good luck with the Lucky Stars layout! if anyone can weave their magic, its you! I love the green and purple of the x and + block- gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE those blocks and have started a Bee for them. And I'm thinking of making my almost 13 year old grandson one too.

  3. i am loving the layout look from here.. is that oakshott as the background.. i haven't even plan how am i going to do my is so inspiring seeing yours.

  4. Good progress and your blocks are beautiful as always! :)

  5. drooling over the X and + blocks and intrigued over the star layout, that is SOOOO interesting!

  6. I love what you are doing with your stars, and the blocks are lovely.

  7. Morning Debbie. I can't remember if your x and + blocks are the 7" version or the bigger ones? They will be awesome : )

  8. Lovely work. All of your blocks are terrific. Best of luck with the stars layout.

  9. WOW - 60 xPlus, I'm impressed. It's always good to push the creative layout limit now and then and yours looks promising.

  10. The star layout looks very interesting! Sorry that it's been frustrating though. What's the black-ish fabric? I'm trying to pick out fabrics to make the new Noodlehead tote and would like something like that for the side gussets and handles.

  11. It's funny. I was also thinking of making a quilt from the first five lucky stars. I haven't actually done anything about it though! I'm sure it will work out for you and be totally worth the frustration!

  12. your stars look amazing, Debbie. So looking forward to seeing the whole layout, love the background fabric.

  13. I am excited to see how your lucky stars turn out, they are amazing. What is the background fabric? It looks great.

  14. Good luck with figuring out your stars!

  15. From what I see in the picture, the Lucky Stars layout looks really cool!


  16. Your X and + quilt will be fabulous! Love the look of the lucky Stars too.