Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday at the Table

Something happened the other day, and it seems so minuscule in the big scheme of things, that I hesitate to share it. But I can't quite get it out of my mind. It was an unexpected foodie moment, the very best kind of all. So just because it was a bright spot in an otherwise mundane week, I'm thinking I should write about it.

Where I work (a church), funerals are frequent. And usually, thankfully, the largest part I play in them is creating the bulletin for the service, and organizing all the players that make it happen - you know, the pastors, musicians, sound techs, reception coordinators, and the like. Which is all I did for the funeral that took place last week. Except that I was working at the reception desk while it was going on, so I saw the family and friends gather, and I overheard the beautiful music and the meaningful sermon. I learned that the deceased was actually a pretty big deal in the Seattle commercial crab fishing industry, and though I already knew him to be a very generous man, I was touched by the stories I heard that day - more about him than I knew before.

So I was already feeling kinda sentimental as the reception was starting up, and was taken quite off guard when a coworker came by with an exuberant, "You have GOT to try the crab bisque!!" What? Well I knew the reception was catered and that was all well and good. But noooo. In addition to all that, there was crab bisque made from the family's recipe. Ok! The words 'family recipe' are kinda sacred to me, and I love hearing what recipes families treasure. So of course, I was pleased as punch to have some soup brought to me (plus a pastry from the best Danish bakery in town, oh yeah!)

The soup came to me in a paper cup no less, but as a few of us sipped our bisque there in the office, what had been a basic Friday became something pretty special. I mean this soup was GOOD. One of my coworkers went so far as declaring it on the top ten list of best things he ever ate! wow. So of course, emboldened by the moment, he went and asked for the recipe. Now he may get it or he may not (fingers crossed though), but beware. Noteworthy foodie moments can happen when you least expect them, and they most certainly don't have to be fancy. Like my bisque in a paper cup. Like this post - alot of words and one mediocre photo. But the memory? Life-giving.


  1. Debbie
    What a wonderful moment to share. I am sure the family would be happy that in some way you were touched and reached by the loved one they lost albeit soup in a cup!

  2. Thank you for sharing, it is a lovely story and I hope that you get the recipe too.


  3. Great Story of a neat moment. Foodie moments can be funky or sweet.

  4. Really touching post and I'm going to contemplate what you've said. It's pretty deep isn't it, those small things that matter most and unexpected delights!

  5. Sweet post, Deb. Moments like those are meant to be savored. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Family recipes are the best!! I ahve my grandmother's magazine cut out fancy cocktail appetizers, and my mom's betty crocker cookbook, with all of the family recipes on cards and bits of paper, tucked in all over, so that the cookbook is really a binder of decades of love :)
    XX! Happy Thanksgiving to you and the fam!

  7. What a legacy to have and share and it's good that the little things can be so important. Lovely post,
    Jo x

  8. That's a huge moment. Just enjoying the present time and the grace of being able to see the tenderness of the moment.