Thursday, June 6, 2019

Summer Sampler 2019 :: Curious Crossing

I knew the minute I saw this week's Summer Sampler block that I would enjoy making it. I recognized Krista Hennebury's Improv Under the Influence technique, which I'd used twice before - in class with Krista a while back, I made Room Temp, and then trying my hand  at my own quilt design, I created Monochrome. Anyway, I really looked forward to making it, and it did not disappoint.

This block design used most but not all of the fabrics in my original fabric pull, and this was the first block that didn't incorporate the gray 'background'. Oh, and I used a different low-volume print for the 'X' than I did in the other two blocks. It's subtle but I know it's there!

So my original trepidation with my fabric choices has faded, and I'm raring to go on whatever's next!

     Week 2: Pixelations     Week 1: Spring Fever


  1. It is as gorgeous as the others. If I where not so commited to reduce my WIP pile/list, you and your beautiful blocks would have me starting this project too :)

  2. I'd love to learn this technique sometime. I hear it's cool. yours looks great

  3. Like you, I adore this block. You made it so well! Why is is that almost any block made scrappy is just... mwah! Perfect!

    Are you receiving blog comments in your email box now? I still have received only one comment from my Thursday blog post. :-(

  4. I really like how scrappy and yet balanced this block is. It looks great with the other blocks you have already made.

  5. Love the block and wow, what a lovely combination of colours, very effective, love it.