Wednesday, March 3, 2021

February Fabric Usage

If you thought last month was bad, brace yourself. 

It's not that I didn't sew last month - I finished several small projects. But fact is, I brought in 9+ yards at the start of the month - solids to round out my solid stash as I was facing four QuiltCon classes; possible selections for Valentine pillowcases for my grandgirls; and a couple other 'extras.' Yeah.

So, for the first time in 14 months of keeping track, I didn't use more fabric than I brought in. Oops!

February Fabric Usage
Used up: 7.24 yards
Brought in: 9.25 yards
Net: 2.01 yards
Year to date: -.29 yards

BUT! Look at that negative year to date number, ha! I figure I'm still ahead! Now to get back at it.


  1. A negative number for the year to date is still a big win! I know others who track and often go positive after a big event (Paducah or QuiltCon), so I think you're doing just fine. :)

  2. If you look at quilting as a business then more out than in is a good thing.
    Unless actual profit is included, as it would be in a business, then raw materials and overhead expenses etc. would have to be accounted for... Fun possibilities for the accountant minded.
    And I wonder what recreational, mental well being would be listed under, because I think that is a priceless aspect of quilting or any kind of creating with your own hands.
    Lots to ponder there!

  3. I smiled when I read your last sentence - but a negative is a negative isn’t it? 😄 I recently went through my quilting fabric stash to reorganize it and realized I haven’t bought quilting fabric in so long, my stash is down to 5 pretty small plastic bins (excluding my full bolts of Kona solids for backgrounds). Might be time to start re-stashing!