Monday, October 11, 2021

Improv Churn Dash

"Inspired by Karen (pickle dish) and Debbie (wedding ring) choosing traditional blocks that we got to have fun improvising, I have chosen my favorite block for us to play with: the Churn Dash." The first hint of Felicity/felicityquiltsBee Sewcial prompt piqued my interest. Though she went on to explain that instead of making a whole block, we were to make four 8.5" QUARTER churn dash blocks. Intriguing!

Felicity's chosen palette was inspired by Emily Carr’s paintings of the West Coast - medium-dark, saturated greens and blues, plus some dark brown/rust and a small amount of light grey as a pop of contrast. She provided a Pinterest board to help us visualize.

It's always interesting - and a little challenging - to take something so familiar, such as the Churn Dash block, and play around with its components. But I enjoyed the exercise, as well as dabbling with this unique palette. This is definitely a quilt project I'm looking forward to seeing come together!


  1. I really like the variation you were able to achieve in your four blocks, and the block with the skinny orange stripes coming out of the churn dash corner really speaks to me!

  2. Amazing adventures in improv variations on a theme, wow.

  3. I love churn dash blocks and your interpretations are amazing!

  4. this is going to be very interesting!