Monday, June 20, 2022

Kantha Quilted

A couple of weeks ago, I shared progress on my Kantha quilt, and I'm happy to say that with quilting a row or few every evening since, my Kantha is now quilted!

As you can obviously see, the thread 'tails' are left hanging at both ends while the whole quilt is quilted. By the time I stitched all 128 rows of stitching, I had quite a mass of threads hanging off the ends! So now it's time to tie those all off and trim. 

Once I do that, I'll trim the backing to match the front, and it will be time for the final step in the Kantha quilt-making process - hemming the edges. So I hope to be back before toooo long with a finished quilt!


  1. What are you thinking about the weight of it without having batting?

  2. Congrats! Seems like a huge accomplishment to me :)