Monday, June 27, 2022

Stitch Club Kantha Quilt

When I saw a couple of months ago that Alison Glass' new Stitch Club involved making a Kantha quilt, I didn't have to be asked twice. When I participated in the original Stitch Club back in 2020, I learned enough to make a Kantha pillow, and thoroughly enjoyed the stitching. So I happily joined the Stitch Club 2022 Kantha Sew Along in the hopes of making a Kantha quilt, and now I can say I've done just that!

From the Stitch Club Journal: 
"Over time and in different regions the specifics of kantha varies and shifts. Originating in Bangladesh and some parts of India (referred to as Bengali since it is practiced throughout the wider area), it also often reuses cloth from saris or other clothing. It refers rather broadly to a both a traditional embroidery style and a specific stitch, basically an organic running stitch where the emphasis is not on perfection. The stitch creates a gorgeous and charming imperfect texture."

When I last shared about my Kantha progress, I had just finished the 128 rows of quilting. Though not a traditional step from what I understand, Alison suggested tying neighboring threads together for security. After tying, the pairs were trimmed and tucked between the quilt top and backing layers. Remember, a traditional Kantha contains no batting.

The final step, of course, was the hemming. I debated, but finally decided to match my thread to each section, and I'm very glad I did. What a unique look the hemming gives the finished quilt.

My Kantha finished at 52" x 70", and as you can imagine, without batting, the texture and weight is quite different from your average quilt. That said, it's really lovely and drapey, and I like the result a lot. Other than the initial rows of basting stitches, which had to be done at a table, and I found somewhat cumbersome to do, I really enjoyed the hours and hours of hand-stitching. I also appreciate having learned a bit more about the Kantha quilt-making process by making one for myself.

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  1. Your Kantha quilt is lovely and inspiring. I hope to make one some day.

    1. Thanks so much, Carol. I sure hope you get to!

  2. I love that you kept your thread matching in each section of the hemming as well. And the "one day at a time" message resonates with me more every time I see it. Congratulations on such a lovely finish, and I enjoy thinking of you already using it.

  3. Big congrats on your finish! xo

  4. Beautiful - love the stitching and the phrase at the bottom of your quilt! So much special detail included. A real treasure!

  5. That's beautiful and what an accomplishment!

  6. One Day at a Time . . . a wonderful way to approach life. I love how this turned out and can only imagine how all that texture feels. Seems perfect as a summer quilt on a chilly, breezy day.

  7. I bet that is a perfect summer quilt!

  8. I love the back! the texture is gorgeous!

  9. How beautiful! As you always do, you made this with care and efficiency, and I admire your dedication to a finish. You chose great fabrics (colors), and I'm glad you "enjoyed the hours and hours of hand-stitching." It's really wonderful. I hope you get to spend many hours under it, and enjoying it.