Sunday, July 3, 2022

All the Horizons

So back in April, I announced a new prompt for my Bee Sewcial mates - Horizons. I had just retired, so the connotations of 'new horizons' was ringing pretty true for me. Also, I'd been admiring the work of Grant Haffner in the preceeding months, which in turn, was to be inspiration as they created their own horizons in fabric. The request was to use multiple layered colors in one rectangular block made in a landscape orientation, approximately 8"-10" tall, which would mean about 30"-40" wide, depending on the block's height. All that sounded great at the time, though the unique block size(s) are proving a bit tricky now that I have all the blocks in hand. All but mine - I'm waiting to be inspired by a layout before I stitch up my own block. I think.

Randomly, my husband and I went and purchased one of Grant's prints, and just a few days ago got it back from the framer and hung it in our home. I'm sharing our "Sunset Road" just so you can get a feel for my original vision.

So here are all the blocks I received from my beemates, along with a few words of explanation of what was in their minds' eyes as they created their horizon blocks.

Aren't they wonderful? They are currently on my design wall as I mull over a layout for them.... This may take a while!


  1. Your new framed print is gorgeous and your 'Beemates' have done amazing designs and piecing! That is a challenge to do them all justice, wow! I can't wait to see what happens here.

  2. Wonderful prompt & wonderful creative blocks you have received

  3. I think these are all stunning blocks and it was a really fun prompt. It seems like you have a good, and hopefully really fun, puzzle to work through, and I'm especially interested to see how these all inspire you for your addition.

  4. Awesome picture! Looking forward to your layout with all the lovely blocks you have received.