Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Some Little Things

Over the last few weeks, I've snuck in a few small projects. Three were gifts, and the first here - the Wall Pocket - was for my own reorganized stash closet. The pattern is in Sotak Handmade's book, That Handmade Touch. Actually, three of the projects I'm going to show you are from Svetlana - two from her book, and one purchased from her website shop.

Anyway, back to the Wall Pocket. It's a simply-constructed pocket with a leather hanging handle. 

I added a little hand-stamped label on mine just for fun, and the finished pocket is holding supplies in my stash closet. It makes me smile every time I see it, and I want to make a companion for it.

I also needed a handmade gift, and chose to make the Shetland Quilted Pouch, a pattern from Svetlana's website. I made the small version (6" x 5" x 2")  out of original Cotton + Steel fabrics, and left mine unquilted. Those C+S fabrics are fun to mix and match.

Needing a second handmade gift, I chose another project from That Handmade Touch, one I'd made several times before, the 
On-the-Go Project bag. Always a fun one, I luckily found just enough of this print from Lizzy House's Andover Catnap Collection hiding in my stash - a fabric I knew the recipient liked and would appreciate. By some act of fate, I actually had some black leather straps on hand, perfect for this bag. Between those and the drawstring cord, it was a good reminder to keep some bag-making supplies on hand for times such as this.

And lastly, I tried Poppyprint's The Tote Tute, which I'd seen many times on Instagram. Again, I just happened to have what I needed on hand, including a length of 1" cotton webbing for the handles. I used cotton canvas left from a previous project - Emmie K Geo Pop Canvas Chevy in Lagoon, and construction was really fun.

Where the strap ends come together, I covered the join in a square of leather stamped with the first letter in my daughter Rachel's name, just to personalize it a bit. Considering I used the tote as a gift bag for her birthday present, that felt like a nice touch.

I find it fun to make these kinds of small projects in amongst the larger quilt projects. Sometimes they're helpful when I'm not sure what quilt I want to make next. They're also great for exploring the ole stash and finding the perfect combinations.


  1. The touches of personalization with your stamps bring me a lot of joy. The R to cover the ends of the canvas straps seems so perfect. How excellent to have everything you needed on hand!

  2. Each of your bags is wonderful. The leather touches are perfect additions.

  3. Wow, they're all so pretty! 😍

  4. Love your little leather stamp "cover up". Such a professional touch! xo