Thursday, June 9, 2022

Yo Yo Rainbow

Boy, it feels like much longer, but the Yo Yo Rainbow stitchalong hosted by Rebecca Ringquist of Dropcloth Samplers, has been going on for just a month, and is now coming to a close. Along the way there have been periodic prompts over on Instagram....

  • sharing our supplies
  • our 'favorite stitch,' and like Rebecca, mine's the backstitch. Which is one reason this sampler has been perfect.... lots of backstitch!

  •  a selfie with our sampler. Yikes. But I played along, and since I'd just randomly found some Tony's Chocolonely (a stitchalong sponsor) chocolate bars, I included a peek of those too.

  •  a progress pic! At that point, I'd finished my circles and started filling around them and IN them, where besides the seed stitches, I added some chain stitches. 

  •  the spot on our sampler that really spoke to us. I had a few, and they were where I'd let one color run into its neighbor just a bit. Kinda love it!

  • the back side of our work. I'm not sure if this is considered messy or neat - maybe kind of in the middle?? 
  • And finally, show our work in progress, which for me happens to be a completed sampler!

Again, I thoroughly enjoyed the Yo Yo Rainbow, especially with its collection of variegated rainbow threads, all size 8 perle cotton from Wonderfil Specialty Threads. I'm pretty sure I'd like to incorporate this finish into another project but not quite sure what yet!


  1. Fun to see all the prompts grouped together here. I really love those spots where the colors bleed into one another, too. :)

  2. Congratualtions on a fun finish! and cute photo with choco bar sponser, good idea.
    Wash hands often!
    Your 'back side' is very neat, the important thing is tuck in loose threads.