Friday, May 5, 2023


For those who like progress photos - I being one of them - I have come to a tentative stopping point for making scrappy hourglass blocks. A longish-term project for my 100 Days of Scraps, there are now 60 blocks of various sizes - ranging from about 8" x 8" to 10" x 12".

Forty-nine of the 60 blocks I created are shown on the design wall, and I'm debating next steps. I could settle on one size to either trim blocks to or build them up to. OR I could leave the blocks in various sizes and fill in the gaps with either one solid fabric, solid scraps, or print scraps. So many options. I'm leaning in a particular direction but would love to hear what you'd do....


  1. Since this is part of your 100 days of scraps, I vote to leave them the sizes they are and fill in with more scraps!

  2. Lots of design fun and possibilities here!
    Have you seen this?
    Interesting idea for filling in spaces between big blocks.

  3. What a fun scrappy quilt. I like what Jean said in the you tube video mentioned above how the solids in her small pin cushions helped to set off the prints. To keep it scrappy maybe try a variety of solids between the blocks to show off the prints in each block.

    1. Good point! I'm thinking of using at least some solids - ?

  4. Did you have the hourglass units on hand, or did you make a bunch and then make the blocks, or go one at a time? What ever method you used, the hourglasses add a focal point. Great design!