Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Luisa Crossbody Bag

Ever since last fall when Bee Sewcial met up at International Quilt Festival, I've been using the Vera Slouch Bag I made with our Bee Sewcial fabric. Though it was absolutely perfect for that trip, I really meant to make something smaller for everyday use, and save the Vera for upcoming events. Last weekend I finally got around to it. 

I had had the Luisa Crossbody Bag pattern by Sotak Patterns printed out, with fabric chosen, for literally weeks. But when I finally got down to making it, wouldn't you know, I changed my mind and opted to use the intended lining for the exterior of the bag, and chose a new lining fabric. Like I usually do with bags, I cut out and fused all the fabric on one day, worked on construction the next two days; and in this case, installed hardware on the fourth.

The main exterior is Thatch in Navy, a print from Jen Hewett's Floradora line. The exterior accent is Essex Linen, and the lining is a print from Carolyn Friedlander's Doe.

As usual, Svetlana's zipper installations are pretty straight-forward to execute. This bag has three - the main recessed zipper opening, a zippered pocket inside, and one on the exterior 'hidden' by a flap.

Rather than make a fabric crossbody handle, I ordered a 3/4" leather handle (56" long), and that length allowed me to also cut leather ring tabs. I did have a bit of a snag in attaching the ring tabs, as the design of the Luisa meant that the thickness of the bag was more than I'd experienced making the Vera. So the 3/16" Chicago screws I'd ordered from Anna Graham @noodlehead531 weren't long enough. I quickly ordered some Tandy 1/2" Leather Screws from Amazon and they worked like a charm. They might have been a hair long, but definitely workable. Then I was able to use the original 3/16" screws for the leather strap. Success. Just for the record, I'd also ordered a RedwoodTote Hardware Kit from Anna, and used the swivel clasps; then I repurposed 3/4" d-rings from an older bag.

I find all of Svetlan's patterns so accessible, and the Luisa measures 10" wide x 9" tall x 3" deep, just a bit smaller than the Vera at 11" x 11" x 4". After putting it off for so lone, I'm glad I finally got it made, and I think it will serve my purposes well.


  1. The pairing of Jen's Thatch in Navy with a bit of Carolyn's Doe is perfect, in my opinion! Looks fantastic and I hope you get many years of use out of it.

  2. Congratulations on a great finish! Sharp detailing and color choices. You are the zipper master.

  3. Its a fabulous bag and such a great size for everyday.

  4. Beautiful bag! And very wise to not intend to make it in one day but rather spread it out across three to four. I am sure you will use it lots. xo

  5. This looks like a very handy sized bag. Good choice to switch up the colors too. I always like a light-colored lining for a bag. Easier to find what's inside!
    Kathleen - kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  6. It's perfect! Your decision to put the inside fabric on the outside was a good one. I'm always cognizant that I want a bag interior to be light-colored, so I can see the contents. While I love making bags, I don't enjoy figuring out the strap and hardware details. Too often I find myself ordering from different places to get what I need or want, zippers included. I haven't ordered from Tandy leather, but it's apparent that your leather details make the bag look totally professional. You did a nice job with this. I'm sure it will be well-used.

  7. Great finish, Debbie! Your fabric choices were spot on for a bag that is going to see plenty of use throughout the seasons. I adore the combination of blues with brown leather! Well done adapting the hardware issues - looks like you solved it all for a beautiful result.