Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Well we had a bit of an adventure last weekend traveling to Sisters, Oregon to experience the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show for the first time. 

We went specifically to see the 2023 Selections from QuiltCon special exhibit, which has been traveling around since last QuiltCon in February 2023. My Tears was one of 18 quilts in the exhibit.

Walking into town from where we'd parked, there were quilts hanging everywhere! One view I definitely wanted to see in person was the one below, where staff quilts were hung on the side of Stitchin' Post, the local quilt shop. Owner Jean Wells founded the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (SOQS) in 1975, with the mission "to celebrate the art, skill, and heritage of quilting and fiber arts, while enhancing the cultural vitality of Sisters and Central Oregon and providing enrichment opportunities for area youth."

It really was a sight to behold. Over 1100 quilts on display everywhere you looked, and honestly for me, a tad overwhelming!

We realized after wandering around for a while looking for the QuiltCon exhibit, that some folks had show guides with maps! We asked for a glance, and after a while, we finally happened upon the exhibit. It was not easy to take decent photos, considering the crowds, traffic, shadows, and all. But in the photo below you may be able to count 12 of the quilts in the Selections special exhibit.

My tears was hanging between Balance by Miguel Huidor @mh_x_q on the left, and Steph Skardal's @stephskardal Bananicklenation on the right.

And at first, we thought that was it! But then I remembered Elizabeth @elizabethkray had a quilt in the exhibit, so we walked back to double-check, and wouldn't you know, down a short alley was a courtyard where six more Selections quilts were hung. Sure glad we found them!

On the way out of town, we just had to pull over to get a photo of the infamous Three Sisters volcanic peaks. It was a really beautiful (though hot) day, and visiting the town and quilt show made for a fun day.


  1. Traveling...what a great outdoor quilt show! Beautiful....landscape and quilts. Nice blue ribbon. You are amazing! Keep stitching! Blessings!

  2. I'm glad you had the opportunity to attend this show. I've know about it practically since its inception, but never attended, and likely never will, given how far away it is. Thanks for sharing your pictures, and a long-view of the show. It's wonderful that you and other modern makers were honored, having your quilts displayed. Congratulations to you!