Monday, July 24, 2023

Diamond Flare :: July

Well my Diamond Flare BOM quilt with Seattle MQG is growing! Designed by guild member Taylor Krz @toadandsew, I was excited to see what this month's reveal held. My Diamond Flare went from this....

to this.

I felt like it was transformed with the addition of those corner piece, both in continuing the design, as well as the addition of those dark squares. It now measures 51" square! We're really only half-way along, as the final 'border' will take us several months to construct. But meanwhile, I like how it's looking, and am intrigued by the process. AND it's been Lego-inspected, so all is well.


  1. Tell Lego, he/she?, is a gorgeous cat. And a good model. Yes, the corner pieces do add rest and stability. Great piecing skills too!

  2. The corner pieces bring a lot of calm and stability to the bright and bold center.

  3. I love how it's shaping-up! Curious to know how this is being presented to your guild... Did you know ahead of time what it will look like when it's finished? Were you given guidance about colors to choose? And do you receive specific instructions each month? I'm asking because I think it's a great guild activity, and maybe we could tap a member to come up with a design for us to make. Do you know the finished size it will be? Or were you given options about what size you wanted to make? Do you know how many people in your guild are participating in your BOM?