Monday, July 3, 2023

June Fabric Usage

June felt a little less sluggish than the previous couple of months, which felt good. I managed to finish up a few projects and cut fabric for a new one.... i.e. it felt like things were moving along at a good pace for both creating and using fabric from stash. BUT there was plenty of fabric that came in too.

Anticipating participating in the MQG Windham Artisan Cotton 2024 Fabric Challenge, I purchased a variety of the Artisan Cotton crossweave fabrics, shown below with a length of Marcia Derse's red Spotted Graffiti in Thimbleberry, chosen for another specific upcoming project. The challenge palette was chosen by Jacquie Gering, the featured lecturer for QuiltCon 2024.

To finish my Duality quilt, I needed a bit more of the Cotton Couture Acid, and while I was at it, I grabbed just a bit of Camp Stripe in Multi for a giftbag idea I want to try.

Lastly, there's a little secret sewing I need to do in the coming weeks where Anna Maria Horner fabric is ideal. Since I didn't have any stashed, I bought a charm pack and half yard from her Brave line.

So yeah, the ole stash got supplemented a bit, but it was all for very specific projects, which I'm feeling ok about. The numbers are still heading in the right direction, which is the whole goal anyway.

June Fabric Usage
Used up: 18.55 yards
Brought in: 9.88 yards
Net: -8.68 yards


  1. Purchasing for specific projects really does have to happen sometimes. Great trend so far for the year, and I look forward to seeing what all these fabrics become.

  2. That top stack of fabric is a beauty. The color/fabric for the Windham Artist Challenge and the Marcia Derse Spotted Graffiti in Thimbleberry are amazing. Anything you piece from them will turn out fabulous, start good end good.

  3. I love that stripe fabric. It would also make for a fun binding ;) And yes, sometimes we need something specific. I think you did well with that negative net inspite of all those purchases. PS: My number is also negative this month. Will post about it come weekend ;) xo

  4. Just wow. Now that I'm fabric-tracking too, it's simply amazing to me how much fabric you manage to use-up in a month. Though I daily work on projects, I can't work out how to use such quantities of yardage. So I'll just sit in awe of all you accomplish. And yay you for deciding to get MQG Windham challenge fabrics. I contemplated it, and decided NOT to invest in more yardage, even though I wanted to enter. I'll enjoy watching you attain and surpass your July goals.