Friday, September 22, 2023

Calendar Update I

So I've been working on one project and one project only - A Different Kind of Calendar. It feels overwhelming, but in a very good way. It's time-consuming, but I'm enjoying the improv construction very much. And happily, I have all the slabs completed for the first panel!

The colors are a tad off in the photo above (especially the purple), and the slabs are not yet sewn to each other, but at least the majority of the piecing is complete. I decided to move on for now to start the improv piecing of the second panel, and come back to actually sew the slabs together. I admit I'm kind of intimidated by that, but that day will come!

So these last few days I have pieced the three red segments (not shown), which will be used in panels two and three, and the single black segment, which will be used in panel two. See here for a reminder of the complete layout. For the black, I changed things up and rather than build the row bit by bit using the design wall, I made a bunch of improv blocks, then decided how they best fit together. 

That worked really well for this skinny (6" x 68") strip. Next up is a similarly-sized yellow strip, and I think I'll use the same method. Just for reference, these skinny strips are taking me 60-90 minutes to piece. The purple shown in the first photo took roughly four hours. So progress has been good, but is definitely taking all my sewing-time focus.


  1. Your Calendar is stunning. The flow of color is ethereal. Thanks for sharing this is fun to watch unfold.
    Color does obviously get me excited.

  2. I love how the contrast within each panel gives the feeling of light flowing through it.

  3. I was curious how long each section was taking you, so thanks for those references. I hope that you continue to have fun and I like the way you changed up the piecing process for the skinny black section. Hopefully this stays fun and engaging throughout!

  4. You are beautifully putting this project together! Since each panel seems to be a different width, based on its appearance in the liturgical calendar, I'm guessing someone put math to the proportions, so as to come up with ratios of each color. Right? Well, it's a genius approach to recognizing the weight of each season. I love what you're doing, and where it's headed! Keep up the great work.