Tuesday, September 26, 2023


After finishing my most recent Dropcloth sampler, Log Cabin, I happily started right in on a new one from Rebecca Ringquist @dropcloth, Pencil.

Once again, I used exclusively 12wt threads from Aurifil. Honestly, I had no problem using perle cotton for these samplers in years past, but considering my current partnership with Aurifil as an Aurifil Artisan, I really wanted to give the 12wt threads a fair chance, and I enjoy working with them so much. The colors are rich, the threads a bit silky, and they stitch beautifully. Using a double-thickness gives me great coverage.

So I actually purchased two of the Pencil samplers, with our grandgirls in mind. And as I was about to start in on the first one, the five-year-old happened to be over, so I got out my growing collection of 12wt thread colors, and asked her to choose what she thought would be nice.

She immediately suggested a 'galaxy theme,' which by no coincidence, I'm sure, was the theme of her recent birthday cake. So I'm not quite sure what about this range says 'galaxy' to her, but I went with it.

The colors she chose were 2430 [Antique Rose], 2535 [Magenta], 2479 [Medium Orchid], 2530 [Medium Orchid], 2520 [Violet], 4020 [Fuchsia], 2725 [Light Wedgewood], 2250 [Red], 2145 [Yellow Orange]. It was really enjoyable to mix stitches as I stitched along, and I tried to use a good variety of them - back stitch, straight stitch, stem stitch, chain stitch, coral stitch, and wrapped back stitch.

Once the bodies of the pencils were stitched, I had to make some decisions about the other components. The erasers were done in both 5021 [Light Gray] and 2430 [Antique Rose] with an accent of 4020 [Fuchsia] on one eraser. The ferrules were all stitched in 2615 [Aluminum]; the wood in 2314 [Beige]; and all the leads matching the pencil bodies. Additional stitches on these parts included couching, French knots, satin stitch, and plus stitch. 

Oh, and I did go back at the very end and do some wrapped stitching on the yellow orange pencil with 2120 [Canary], only because grandgirl really liked that color, but I talked her out of it because I thought it might get lost on the golden background fabric. Whatever, it makes me feel better that I found a way to include that color too.

So Rebecca's original idea with the Pencil sampler was to make them into pencil pouches, and I fully intend to do that.... after I stitch the second sampler.


  1. This is so super cute. Love how you let your granddaughter choose the colours. Beautiful, beautiful stitching, Debbie!

  2. What a cute panel for a pencil pouch! I hope your granddaughter enjoys it all the more because she helped pick out the colors.

  3. I love that your granddaughter selected the colors. That makes it a special piece. She'll love having it as a pencil pouch. I'm also impressed with your wide variety of stitches. You mentioned a couple stitches that I'm not familiar with, so you can be sure I'll be looking them up. I'm embroidering a project now and it would be fun to include some new ones. Thanks for sharing!