Saturday, December 24, 2022

All the Dropcloth Samplers 2022

After getting hooked on stitching Dropcloth Samplers last year, I kept it right up this year. So here's a round-up!

Schoolhouse Sampler SAL

Drawing Stitches


Yo Yo Rainbow SAL


Ice Cream Social SAL



Looking back, I was trying to choose my favorites. I definitely learned the most new stitches with the Schoolhouse Sampler, so that was very fun. Yo Yo is up there, though I think I was most surprised how much I enjoyed Compass. And then it was great to use Aurifil 12wt for the first time to stitch Sunshine. 

I did make a couple of samplers into finished projects, in addition to the Snowflake ornaments. My mom was admiring my collection of stitched samplers, and I encouraged her to choose a couple for me to finish off for her. She selected Disco Nap and Pie Sampler, both of which I finished with a matching self-binding with mitered corners. The samplers were both stitched with size 8 perle cotton, but I tried hand-stitching the binding with three strands of variegated Aurifil floss (4654 Seamist), which worked like a charm.

Whatever, it's a lot! I kinda feel like I'm branching out a bit with my handwork, but don't be surprised to see at least a few more Dropcloth samplers in the year to come.


  1. They are all lovely and there is something so fun about the Ice Cream Social; it made me smile when I saw it again! :)

  2. As you know, I always like your Drop Cloth Samplers, and it's wonderful to see them all together here. Every one is colorful and neatly stitched. I'm also glad to see how you finished two of them, for your mother. It's delightful to know she'll have them, isn't it? And the finish is nice. Will she place them on a table to display? I have my own "first" Drop Cloth Sampler - The Milky Way - and anticipate starting it soon. I may be referring back to this post to see some of your well-chosen color combos. Thanks for sharing all of them!