Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Aurifil Artisan Challenge :: Maker's Choice | Wristlet Keychains

Happily, the theme for this month's Aurifil Artisan Challenge was "Maker's Choice!" I sewed quite a variety of small projects these past weeks, all of them with Aurifil thread. And most were with my standard Aurifil 50wt. The exception was a whole bunch of wristlet keychains.

I think I made a dozen in all, each with a fabric scrap chosen specifically with the recipient in mind. Most recipients found theirs in their stocking on Christmas, so I heard a chorus of, "Did you make this?" Why yes, I did.

Since I used different fabrics on each, it made perfect sense to load up my machine with Aurifil Monofilament - both in the top thread, and in the bobbin. I increased the stitch length just slightly, and the monofilament sewed beautifully through the cotton webbing and fabric pairings, which I had interfaced with Pellon fusible SF101 down the center of the fabric - ie. not the seam allowances, which I pressed under before stitching.

The key fob hardware I had was 1" in a variety of finishes, and the cotton webbing 1" medium-heavy weight. It was really satisfying to be able to make a little something for each of my family, as I know they all appreciate the gift of handmade.


  1. The monofilament was a perfect pairing choice for all these different fabrics. And wow, you used monofilament in the bobbin! Was it tricky to wind at all?

  2. I am impressed by the monofilament bobbin too. I would also have only used it as the top thread. But glad it worked well and that you had these lovely handmade gifts. xo