Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The QuiltCon Entries

Yesterday the QuiltCon 2023 show emails went out and it's always a bittersweet time. No matter what the results for yourself personally, I think we all bear some of the joy - and disappointment - of our fellow makers. I know I do. As deep as the feelings go, we know honestly, though, that any perceived rejection does not actually reflect badly on us as individual makers. We are a large, talented group, this modern quilting community, and there's just not room for all of our gorgeous creations in one show - right? 

That said, I was fortunate to have three of my five submissions selected for the upcoming show in Atlanta. Those that were not accepted were:

eXtra - Made for the Modern X Challenge

Vista Toscana - Entered in the Improv category

And those that were accepted:

Italiano antico - Which will be part of the Modern X Challenge 

Tears - A liturgical quilt that will be included with other Small Quilts

Horizon Views - my most recent @beesewcial collaboration with Leanne @shecanquilt, Stephanie @spontaneousthreads, Marci/@marci_girl, Karen/@capitolaquilter, Felicity @felicityquilts, Kenny @thekingslacker, and M-R @quiltmatters

So I'm grateful, of course. With 2089 quilts submitted, and just 481 selected, it's not lost on me how fortunate I am that a few of mine will be included. I trust it'll be a fantastic show, as always.


  1. Congratulations! Will you be there to see the show?

  2. Congrats on your entries! I look forward to seeing them in Atlanta. Are you going to be at QuiltCon?

  3. Yes, that is exciting! And the Italiano was excepted, all three are great but the Italiano is superb.