Friday, December 9, 2022

Hand-Stitching WIPs

I don't think I have ever, ever, had so many handwork projects underway at the same time! Handwork is what I do in the evenings while watching TV with hubby, so it's not like it's taking away from my quilting time. But still. It's gotten to be A LOT. From the oldest to the newest (I think)....

Bow Tie quilt - Totally hand-pieced top that now, of course, needs to be hand-quilted. It'll happen. Next up is finding a backing or piecing one from stash, then basting. The project started with Jenn McMillan's 100 Day Summer Sewalong in 2021, and I certainly hope to have it finished early in 2023.

Stitch Along with Jen embroidery - Begun back in October, I've made really good progress - better than shown here - but it got set aside when the next bright thing caught my eye.

24 Days of Sashiko - Also begun in October, I kept up pretty well, and had a finished top completed in mid-November. This one also needs a backing - and batting?? - before I hem it with some simple stitching.

Dropcloth Snowflake ornaments - Right after Thanksgiving, I put a hold on all the other handwork to squeeze in these ornaments before Christmas! I've made really good progress on three of the four, but still have a ways to go.

Hand-Stitched Oven Mitt - Oops! Last week, I saw a Zoom class was going to be offered with Aaron Sanders Head @aaronsandershead, and when I saw the class sample, I signed right up. What a wonderful and relaxing morning yesterday starting in on this project. I think the Snowflakes and the mitt will both be vying for my time in the days ahead.

So I probably shouldn't admit that I have two more handwork projects planned for the coming weeks, but honest, I'll just keep stitching, and I bet I have one of these finished soon. All bets are off, though, which one it might be!


  1. All of these projects are delightful and I can see what attracted you to work on them. Have fun and I look forward to seeing them finish up, whatever the timeline!

  2. Love, love, love the handwork you've chosen to tackle! I'm sure you've heard it said, "Variety is the spice of life" and I'd say you've figured out how to spice it up! That Sashiko piece is really pretty - such an unusual color combo. And I love the Dropcloth ornament. Since buying my first Dropcloth sampler (haven't started it yet), it was a surprise to discover how small they are! Just six inches of stitching diameter. So I'm guessing those ornaments are even smaller. You'll get them done, and then some. It will be fun to quilt those Bow Ties. You have some enjoyable TV time ahead of you.

  3. I found that I had several hand work projects going too. I am now down to just 2, but I have more waiting in the wings. I am trying to not start another until I finish something.